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  1. I've applied to like 42 jobs (yes I counted) in the past 3 days. If one of these don't pan out I don't know what the heck I'm gonna do!
  2. Posting some findings And here's a towel!
  3. Phone interview didn't go so well. Ah well, the place was really far away anyway.
  4. Interview went pretty well. The only downside of I can think of was a question about travel. I can't do planes. I just can't, I get so airsick that I'm gone for days. Thankfully, they said everything's in driving distance too if it's that big an issue. Despite that, I can't shake the feeling it might be held against me
  5. Time to head off to my first interview today, here goes nothing
  6. That's what he gets for banishing people to other dimensions
  7. My dad lost his job last July. Got laid off without warning. He literally went in that morning and was told his job was outsourced to an Australian company and let go minutes after coming in. He hasn't been able to find work since. It's been a rough few months for us... Hopefully there's better luck on your end. As for me I have two interviews tomorrow, one in person and another on the phone.
  8. Here's the battle with him you need to win in order for him to be a usable character:
  9. Dark Dream has an added "badass" factor if you knew what he did in DQ6, the reward for beating him was pretty unique.
  10. Ugh I just found out the interview I'm going in for is a bait and switch. It's for commission sales when they said it was for something else completely...
  11. I was going to mention that due to the success of Hyrule Warriors but I never really followed the "Warrior" series to know if we got most of the releases. Koei is pretty dedicated to releasing the Dynasty Warrior games here. Hell they even released one on the Vita last year.
  12. Pizza is often a good negotiation tool.
  13. Favorite normal battle is probably 5, followed by 6. Favorite boss battle is probably 6, followed by 5. Oh yeah 4's battle theme is pretty great too. Real talk though all the DQ battle music is great.
  14. He's channeling the music through the Famicom on his head
  15. Gotta be honest and say the Amiibo thing is kinda rubbing me the wrong way. Especially with how NoA is handling the stock of them. Locking content behind 13$ figures? Can't say I think that's cool. And then intentionally choking supply in the North American market to keep demand constant? Not cool.
  16. I loved DQ6's battle theme, but it's one instance where I think the original game version sounds better than the symphonic version. I feel like it didn't translate to orchestra well.
  17. I think Nintendo should bring back the Gameboy, but call it the Gameman.
  18. I'm at this weird place in my life. I got a job at a call center a few weeks ago, but it was just not for me. Not even sure why I took the job. Maybe I felt desperate. Decided to move on. They are on a hiring frenzy to fill the seats, so no loss for them. It was a bad fit for me and not where I want to develop myself. So I'm on the hunt again. On the plus side, the above experience taught me not to be so hasty taking things that may not be a good fit. Have some prospects already, and an interview tomorrow. The thing is though, I still want to pursue teaching and I'm thinking about
  19. Had all those linked battle themes play at the same time, mondo cool I liked 8 and 9's battle themes too, but I can see why people might not like 9's. Haven't heard 10's so I can't judge. My favorite soundtracks are 4, 5 and 6. I'd probably like 7's more if I actually played it (the only DQ game I haven't got to...)
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