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  1. True, we got the mobile stuff. But all the retail game releases were completely passed up here until now.
  2. Yeah, but for Dragon Quest they stopped doing them after Dragon Quest 6.
  3. Well, for the past few years, Dragon Quest quit everyone outside Japan.
  4. Torneko will probably be paid DLC. He wouldn't have it any other way.
  5. Found these on a JP auction site, was wondering if there was a complete gallery somewhere...
  6. At least the DLC for DQ Heroes seems free thus far. I imagine there will be paid DLC in the future though. Probably why they kept the character cound pretty low. I'd buy a DQ6 character pack though. Just to get Hassan and Barbara in the game.
  7. Hopefully you see this! It's been a while. Anyways H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y!
  8. It does. Hopefully this makes it over here.
  9. Yeah I really never saw the big need for everything to be connected like the connections made between the Zelda games. Honestly, the individual stories are good on their own. I feel like the Zelda "timeline" was weak and phoned in even though its technically official now thanks to Hyrule Historia.
  10. I dunno about soulless, but I will admit that ORAS was a bit of a let down for me, but I still liked it. As for XY, the only thing that bugged me about XY was the short routes and lack of a post-game.
  11. DQ7 would be a different story, I actually care about the stories in those games. For Fantasy Life, the story just didn't grab me and I was more interested in the Animal Crossing-with-fighting aspect of the game.
  12. Wind chills in the negatives tonight and tomorrow morning. Ugh
  13. The patented Toriyama evil mustache.
  14. I usually just play it by eye. So I'd be curious about this too.
  15. Stuff arrived in the mail... DQ 25th Anniversary books, Monster Encyclopedia (artwork of every monster!) and 25th Memorial Book.
  16. It's snowing here. It's nice to look at it.
  17. Yeah the wind here REALLY picked up and it got cold. My heater can't even compete with it.
  18. Yeah I ended up speeding through a lot of it
  19. It's really cold here, and gonna get colder tomorrow.
  20. Whoa this topic got deep. I'm taking Nintendo teases with a grain of salt. Maybe I'm a terrible person but the Slime Mori mori games just didn't do it for me DQ7 would be nice but I dunno I just can't see it happening.
  21. Yeah I think that game could make waves here. It looks even better than the regular Dynasty Warriors games with all of the RPG elements added to it.
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