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  1. Only watching Fairy Tail really. It's a lot of fun.
  2. My laptop's CD/DVD drive just stopped being recognized by the computer for no reason... urgh.
  3. Looks like Terry is the sole DQ6 rep for now. Lizzie would fit considering that it and Terry were bros, though. I'd like to see Barbara or Hassan.
  4. Thanks The people there seem really nice so I'm looking forward to it.
  5. Fates

    YS 8!

    Celceta was pretty good. It uses the Ys 7 party system so depending on your feelings about that system will determine how Celceta goes for you Adol's armor keeps getting lighter and lighter, too
  6. They probably made a few revisions of the plan behind it, or just completely had it on hiatus.
  7. Three hour long interview today... draining!
  8. He gets some cool looking Greatswords. The weapon class seems to be locked to him.
  9. Nah Hyrule Warriors sold because it was Zelda. Zelda = sales. omg 2000 posts
  10. Sorry for the double-post but... yep, it was a bait and switch. They said the actual job I applied for was last week and they wanted me to do a marketing thing instead. Ugh. These kind of things should be illegal.
  11. Fates

    White Day 2014

    Kandar has a waifu now
  12. Honestly I think DQ Heroes looks like the best musou-based game of all of the spinoffs (Gundam, Zelda). And I don't just say that due to being a DQ fan. It legit looks like a great action-RPG. What with the big AAA shooter game market in a bit of a lull, I hope DQ Heroes can really make an impression.
  13. I want DQ10 to come out here, but unfortunately I think its less likely than VII. They'd have to make it free to play here for it to even stand a chance. Even then it might not take off because the DQ name here is not as strong as it could be. It's in a really bad position.
  14. Someone gave me a heads up today that a place I was interviewing at today might have been sales. Anyone who's done job hunting knows that sales jobs are everywhere hiding themselves to get people in. So I called and checked. They said no... so I hope I didn't blow it by asking them. But honestly I had to because I've been tricked twice by this last week. This can be soul-crushing sometimes It's like, you have to carefully observe everything you do. It feels like even twitching your mouth wrong can break an opportunity.
  15. I've applied to like 42 jobs (yes I counted) in the past 3 days. If one of these don't pan out I don't know what the heck I'm gonna do!
  16. Posting some findings And here's a towel!
  17. Phone interview didn't go so well. Ah well, the place was really far away anyway.
  18. Interview went pretty well. The only downside of I can think of was a question about travel. I can't do planes. I just can't, I get so airsick that I'm gone for days. Thankfully, they said everything's in driving distance too if it's that big an issue. Despite that, I can't shake the feeling it might be held against me
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