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  1. oh god oh god oh god Please let something come of this.
  2. Dragon Quest V HD or Dragon Quest VII mobile Does that count? It was technically announced already.
  3. Looks cool. Akira Toriyama monster design is always top notch. I really hope this game comes out here
  4. Yeah but having different hobbies is great too. I find lots of cool new things through other people, like kayaking. Would have never tried it myself.
  5. Fates


    That's because boobs are birds and don't speak human.
  6. My favorite is the announcement of an announcement. Square Enix likes to do that, unfortunately.
  7. Yeah I was hella mad that 7th Dragon never came out over here. It looked really good. @ the Etrian 4 thing. I think Etrian 4 was OK. Now, the remake of 1 I can kinda see people's complaints. The Etrian games was always about a party of the players creation crawling around in a dungeon. The introduction of a heavy narrative was a huge shift for the franchise and I can see why people wouldn't like it.
  8. I guess marketing for DQ Heroes is gonna be up to word of mouth from the fans...
  9. Well... it's a step in the right direction at least.
  10. I don't know if SE is "dodging" DQ as much as they are just handling it badly.
  11. Well, maybe a DQ Heroes Portable is a possibility Vita got Musou games. Sad to hear the translation got the hammer dropped on it. Sadly, I doubt this correlates to any desire for Square Enix to release the game over here. I heard this translation used the PS1 version as a base? Could that be what triggered this?
  12. Star Ocean 3 really did a number on the series. Especially to the first two games.
  13. Well this thread delivered with the first few posts
  14. Eh I think the DQH Collector's Edition is pretty weak. The FF Type 0 CE was stacked with an art book, a 200 page comic, a CD, and something else... the DQH CE has a slime plush, (but it's probably one of the tiny ones). lanyard, keychain and treasure chest box. Dunno if it really makes it worth the 100$ price tag.
  15. I'll admit the KH fanbase can be a little whack sometimes but... I really don't let fanbases of things sway whether or not I like them. That being said, I think KH1 and 2 are good games. They have flaws, but they have a certain charm to them too thanks to the unique combination of Square characters and Disney worlds. Fans gonna fan, but don't let it effect whether or not you like something though...
  16. To be fair, that post was just a random poster and not a mod or anything. Not sure why it was locked though since I think the marketing failings for Dragon Quest is an interesting discussion topic that could be had. Though I think this is a perfect example of DQ in the west, always stuck in the shadow of FF I think this would be a good time for the Frozen "let it go" gif. At this point, DQ7 is not likely at all. Maybe 8r has a chance.
  17. Eh, I'm still not 100% on the FF7 remake becoming a reality... at least anytime within the near future. They still have 15 to work on. I wouldn't expect it until 2018 at the earliest...
  18. Figured it wasn't gonna be at E3. I gave up on DQ7... back when it was first announced. Knew it was gonna happen. Too risky considering the work needed vs the possible return. Thought maybe DQ8 would get a mention, but nope.
  19. Yeah but there's new content and new characters they'd have to put some voice into. Which would y'know, mean SE would have to do some work... and we all know how they feel about that when it comes to Dragon Quest
  20. No. Physical release please. Dragon Quest should not become a digital only series.
  21. Damnit Horii, please add something worthwhile to this to distinguish it at least. Playable Red and Morrie work for me. Hell I thought it was painfully obvious that Red was meant to be a party character from the get go.
  22. Pretty much! You'd think they could just use the original, but they probably can't for whatever reason. Plus Red and Morrie are playable, which means they'll have more dialogue.
  23. Big Trouble in Little China is the best movie ever
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