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  1. Pretty cool! I thought the music for these ports was straight from the DS versions, they aren't. They sound really good!
  2. Yeah gonna need photos. Lacking that, here's a good guide: http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/feature/25041/quick-and-easy-ways-to-spot-a-bootleg-nintendo-ds-game
  3. You don't know that more than anyone else knows if he was being truthful, though. I'm generally pessimistic, but there has been a lot to point to a possible localization of DQ7. Could he have been caught up in the moment and said something not accurate? Sure. But don't take the the silence of an official announcement as confirmation that he was wrong. Of course they aren't going to be happy about or officially sponsor an announcement made before it was actually time for it. Right now, we have evidence going both ways. Honestly I'm happy to see the fanbase hopeful again a few dark years. I'm hoping for the best, myself.
  4. It's sad though because the muppets were probably used because he was not in physical condition to attend or even be shown.
  5. NISA localizes all of their stuff. We'd be guaranteed any and every Dragon Quest spinoff and main title if they handled it. That's because they have a niche they can safely market to and get a return. Square Enix would need bigger successes in order for that to happen. Since Monster Hunter was mentioned earlier,... it's one of my favorite series, so I've been watching it's growth in North America, and let me tell you, Capcom put WORK into making it big here. Yeah I know we all like to hate on Capcom but if there's one thing they did right it was promotion for the MH series since Monster Hunter Tri G/3 Ultimate. And the result? MH4G was a success for them in North America. If Square Enix put that work into Dragon Quest, I think the 3DS games could be successful for them, too. The audience is there.
  6. I have a shirt and cap that I won from the DQ9 contest back in the day... I lost a lot of weight though and the shirt is too big now. As far as sales go, I don't know of anything. But I wouldn't mind having a few more t-shirts. Even if just as collectables.
  7. Fates


    It did say !? こ、これは新ポケモン!? (Th-this is a new Pokemon!?), plus there's bits and bobs flashing after the lightning. Well, I guess that settles that. I've been seeing talk that it might be a Zygarde form. Hm.
  8. Fates


    Do we know its really a Pokemon and not a construct of some sort?
  9. To be fair, the final version might have better load times. Not likely, but a possibility.
  10. That game was a disappointment for me. It feels like it tried to be an action RPG and a Animal Crossing type game, but it felt incomplete at both of those. Couldn't go all the way through it.
  11. So what happens if you restart DQ9, do you lose all the DLC stuff? Because you can't download it anymore...
  12. My bank account wouldn't last long if I went to Japan. Maybe a day at most
  13. Fates


  14. Not really interested in this. Surprised they opted to do this. Hopefully its more 3Dot Heroes than Minecraft.
  15. Even if it is a Square Enix only venture, they do talk about 3rd party games in Directs too sometimes...
  16. I really doubt that they'd release it in French only. Just seems like a waste, especially when they are trying to make a push in the west with DQ Heroes. This just happened at an event held in France. Not saying that it's 100% happening, but I think the "france only" scenario is not likely. What DarkBaramos said, basically. I'd be more shocked if it came out in France alone than his words being mispoken.
  17. If all Famitsu said was "no official statement", then yeah, they aren't lying. There hasn't been an official statement. Now if they are trying to say "YOU HEARD NOTHING!", then that'd be being in bed with Square Enix.
  18. I'm not worried about it being a translation error as much as it being him getting ahead of himself in the moment and saying something that may not entirely be accurate.
  19. 6 was always one of my favorites. It was the first in the franchise I played too back in the day. The SFC version, that is.
  20. Just a heads up, there's an Etrian Odyssey Untold 1+2 artbook out as well. It covers both of the Untold games. (and I think it also covers the originals, but I'm not 100% on that). It's close to 400 pages, though... so it's a big one. Link please. I don't know what store you use, but here's the JP title: 新・世界樹の迷宮1&2 公式設定資料集 here's the cover too:
  21. Just a heads up, there's an Etrian Odyssey Untold 1+2 artbook out as well. It covers both of the Untold games. (and I think it also covers the originals, but I'm not 100% on that). It's close to 400 pages, though... so it's a big one.
  22. Yeah, the MMO aspect of X pretty much sealed the deal on whether or not it would go overseas. It's unfortunate, but there's no way they would have released it here without the sub fees. Though they did eat the sub fees on Monster Hunter Tri, but that wasn't a full blown MMO.
  23. To be fair, multiple factors went into that not materializing. Not limited to the company working on it folding. Unless Square Enix or Nintendo ends up folding before these games release, it's unlikely that would repeat.
  24. Here I am! I'm not believing this until there is more evidence. Same Mr. RPG as on NeoGAF? I have to agree though, I'm waiting or something official first. Not that I don't believe Horii but, basically:
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