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  1. I am talking about the aesthetics. The SFC version had this darker look to it, it's hard to put it into words but if you play it you'll be able to tell. Also the music of the SFC version was better, but that will happen when Hitoshi Sakimoto is doing the music. (he reinterpreted Sugiyama's work into what you hear in game)
  2. Hard to really tell how DQ11 towns will be when we've only seen one town so far, and that was just glimpse.
  3. If you pick the female hero in DQ4, Eliza remains a female. So there you go.
  4. For what its worth, Etrian Odyssey didn't start the heavy pandering until lately with the bath DLC stuff
  5. Doesn't help that JRPGs started pandering to the moe moe audience and putting that over quality Still though I think JRPGs will be fine. Square Enix seems to be getting back on track. KH3 looks good, FF15 is in development hell of some kind but seems pretty cool. Plus there's Falcom putting out their quality stuff too. We good.
  6. Gamestop in general is pretty toxic to the industry, so yeah their preordering practices included.
  7. Trying playing the SFC version sometime. It's atmosphere is quite different. Very special. The DS version is good too, to be sure. It just lost some of the feel of the original.
  8. I never got the antagonism behind preorders. I preorder a lot of stuff all the time. I see it up, place the order, and forget about it and when it's time it ships and there you have it. If they want to throw in extras for preordering... sure why not. It's not like I'm losing the money, I'm getting the product I wanted in the end. No harm done. If I wanted Just Cause 3 (I don't), I would have preordered it just to get it out of the way like I do most games I get. If I won an island? Ok, thanks. Not like I lost anything! Now, locking content behind preordering at different locations... that's BS. Very annoying. Also, is the whole "WIN A ISLAND!!!" thing a little ridiculous? Absolutely. But honestly, I want to see someone win it just to see how it goes.
  9. Terry sounds exactly what I thought he would lol Also that video only has 800 views, that's not to good :X
  10. BEST PLAN You could even make it a nation and lobby with the UN for DQ games
  11. I am. It's just not enough to justify the extra 40$ + shipping for me.
  12. The little figurines on the map are pretty cool.
  13. Yeah I feel like there will be a new special edition system for DQXI. Probably a 3DS too.
  14. Well there's a slime plushy with the CE too. Depending on its size, it could be worth it.
  15. Fates


    Black and White 2 are amazing games. I went back and played Platinum some. I kinda miss the slow meters, it really added tension to battles.
  16. Yeah DQ music is pretty boss. Haven't heard 10's OST, though.
  17. For what it's worth, they never sold out of FFXIII-2 Collector's Editions or FF Type 0 Collectors Editions. You can still buy them at the moment. Square Enix CEs don't seem too popular except for Kingdom Hearts.
  18. I pondered getting this but I dunno if the extras are worth another 40-50 bucks :/
  19. Yeah the Atlus tax is kinda crappy :/
  20. Shoulda had Tales of Symphonia. All the ladies love Lloyd's coffee.
  21. Yeah that's hard to believe without any proof Anyway yes, FOEs are still around, but they are no longer fuzzy orange spheres. So it kinda kills the surprise factor they used to have.
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