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  1. I hope it's a HD version of the games. They are gorgeous already and could really benefit from a HD version. Then they can give us 3
  2. MHXX/Generations Ultimate comes out slightly before this. That's quite the pickle for me. I'll have to divide the time somehow and with work taking all my time that doesn't give me much fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuug
  3. This has been a difficult subject for me because for me, the music is part of the games. Ok, XI has a weak soundtrack. But I can't imagine something like VIII without that beautiful tower music. And then he goes and says/does things like this... Sugiyama's a jerk, and I just have to separate the art from the artist.
  4. My favorite Bulma look is her classic DB look. Anyways as far as the DQ Artbook pic... I'm actually surprised the girls aren't featured on the cover. DQ4's girl and DQ9's default girl (the pink hair one). Kind of a let down, but I wonder if that cover image is an actual Toriyama illustration and not the infamous assistants he has.
  5. This week man, this week. Hit it off with someone kinda, during an innocent conversation she turned the gears up and wanted to hookup. I politely refused. Maybe I'm an oddball, but it felt uncomfortable being pursued like that. It's been on my mind all week. That being said, I think I'm going to distance myself from the dating biz and just work on my own life.
  6. Bulma tried the DQ4 hair for a few episodes. She couldn't pull it off though, one of her weaker looks IMO.
  7. I can't deal with Q anymore since Kuroda, who basically was THE Q, got busted for relations with underage girls. Not a good day for the 3rd Strike fanbase, that day.
  8. Japan streamers are about that life. They can run through a game and wiki-fy it in mere days.
  9. I checked out some streams coming out of Japan of the post-game and I gotta say I'm a lot more excited about this than I was for 5.
  10. The big news here is the game includes the female P3 lead. She has returned to us.
  11. Only played Demon Gaze as far as the Vita dungeon crawlers go. It was OK, but I dropped it near the end. Just burned out on it. The butt memo meme that everyone played along with was pretty amusing though. Saw the SQ thing on twitter, interested in seeing how the series evolves.
  12. Sugiyama's being a jerk again. Getting REALLY hard to separate art from the artist.
  13. I already said it on tweeter, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY again
  14. I can kinda deal with the DQ1-3 remakes because they are pretty faithful to the originals. I think we'll get the PS4 versions when DQXI comes out. I asked Michi, but she probably couldn't answer and I understand that. A bit off topic... it's FF3 that I wish would get a proper re-release. The DS version was not the same game. I think the Famicom FF3 is one of the best of the FF series.
  15. I haven't read a "professional" game review in like decade. I just youtube the game to see if I'll like it. Anyway, people are uploading the bosses from the game... the sprites are freaking awesome. Reminds me of the Romancing SaGa games.
  16. I'll toss in my recommendation of the Secret of Mana remake. It got a lot of flak from people, but I think it's a damn fine remake.
  17. They did release the Famicom I-III on the Wii, but naturally we didn't get it.
  18. I watched the Gunbuster movie. It's a condensed version of the OVA. It's a fine version, but they took out the bath scene, depriving us of anime tiddies. Regardless, I have the blu-ray, and the quality is top notch. Very nice.
  19. For something a bit more conventional... a package with DQ I-IV Famicom/NES versions would be a nice. Sure you can emulate them but it'd still be nice to have a better way to play them these days. Sometimes you just wanna play the originals.
  20. Mine Yoshizaki is a god, he created Aki Hinata.
  21. First time seeing Twitch stream monsters? Whenever a girl appears on stream, thirst mode activates full swing.
  22. Yeah, working on a IT Help desk of a company with branches all around the country when there's a nationwide ISP issue is not fun. At all. Oh well, glad I'm home now.
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