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  1. I'm really curious to see how the series evolves on another platform. The exploration will obviously be easy, but the simultaneous mapping... We really need a thinking slime emoji.
  2. Disagree. Shinji praised the sun in Eva 3.33 and his boyfriend's head exploded and he opened the Doors of Guf. That's definitely cheating.
  3. Ugh I hope DQXI doesn't have huge updates. I can't play FFXV because it gets so many MASSIVE updates and my wifi is trash (and a direct cable link is out of the question given the house layout)
  4. You have a gif avie, that's cheating!
  5. Admittedly, I was first exposed to the Faulconer soundtrack, like most fans. But then I got the Dragon Boxes and got the original soundtrack, it just felt right. I also like replying in gifs.
  6. DB Kai cut out the driving episode. Criminal.
  7. Well, that sounds promising. Hope things work out for you. Today worked out weird for me. Had a doctor's appointment midday, and then my coworker said she needed to switch shifts with me (meaning I leave earlier)... so I asked my boss if I could just take the rest of the day off since it wouldn't make sense to come back from the doctor for a hour and a half. So yeah, got to relax a bit today. Well needed, I've been mentally drained for almost two weeks now.
  8. Better not think too long for this one, I have a feeling it's going to have a very small print run and sell out fast. Strange Journey Redux lasted a few weeks on Amazon.
  9. Employment can be bleak in general, sadly. You just gotta fire your resume off in every direction and see what sticks. I haven't touched my LinkedIn in years though, I've never encountered an employer that uses it... and I was looking in the IT field before I got my current job.
  10. You know what Persona related thing sucks? Persona 1. I started with 2, so maybe that is what messed it up for me, but holy heck is P1 a royal pain to play.
  11. Neat. Plenty of time to square away DQXI. Maybe Tales of Vesperia too, whenever that comes out.
  12. I don't have any vacation days... or sick days. So yeah, no DQXI break for me
  13. The original Dragon Ball is the GOAT. There's nothing quite like it. DBZ is also good, of course, and I liked it all the way through. GT, generally bad, has some GREAT designs from Toriyama. Worth checking out just for that. Also mustache Vegeta. Now Super... well... eh.
  14. Well gaming journalism has just caught on. For me, Sugiyama has always been that annoying relative at Thanksgiving dinner who rambles about dumb crap that you just kinda tolerate.
  15. As long as XII doesn't play itself, I'm fine with a female (which lately I've been playing many games as because for 30 years I never did so fun to switch it up), a monkey, or a bag of bricks as the main hero. DQXII, where a Golem with a heart of gold is the hero.
  16. Oh I agree, the Kenshin situation is a lot more difficult. The argument I've seen is that Sugiyama throws money at running campaigns of war crime denial and history revision which could be funded by DQ money... BUT, he does more than DQ so his income is more than just that. I made the mistake and read the Resetera thread... the "I wish he would hurry up and die" sentiment is a bit much, I think, and it's sad that it's seemingly applauded.
  17. I hope it's a HD version of the games. They are gorgeous already and could really benefit from a HD version. Then they can give us 3
  18. MHXX/Generations Ultimate comes out slightly before this. That's quite the pickle for me. I'll have to divide the time somehow and with work taking all my time that doesn't give me much fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuug
  19. This has been a difficult subject for me because for me, the music is part of the games. Ok, XI has a weak soundtrack. But I can't imagine something like VIII without that beautiful tower music. And then he goes and says/does things like this... Sugiyama's a jerk, and I just have to separate the art from the artist.
  20. My favorite Bulma look is her classic DB look. Anyways as far as the DQ Artbook pic... I'm actually surprised the girls aren't featured on the cover. DQ4's girl and DQ9's default girl (the pink hair one). Kind of a let down, but I wonder if that cover image is an actual Toriyama illustration and not the infamous assistants he has.
  21. This week man, this week. Hit it off with someone kinda, during an innocent conversation she turned the gears up and wanted to hookup. I politely refused. Maybe I'm an oddball, but it felt uncomfortable being pursued like that. It's been on my mind all week. That being said, I think I'm going to distance myself from the dating biz and just work on my own life.
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