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  1. Really at odds with my current job. Overheard one of the higher ups telling someone else to give me all the "repetitive stuff". Been there 6 months and I've still not even touched what my actual job was supposed to be. Just doing... well, the repetitive stuff without any help. I feel like I picked the wrong field. I can't seem to find work I'm happy with. I'm not sure what I should do.
  2. eal pretty much hit the nail on the head. The dialogue is quite bad. The dub doesn't help either, it's like the actors are just reading off a script.
  3. Watching Akame ga Kill on Adult Swim. It's one of the worst things I've ever seen, and it's so hilarious to watch this trainwreck. Just can't look away.
  4. NIS does this too. They'll charge a few weeks before release.
  5. Interesting. Never really heard an issue like that. If anything, the original translation is loved, thanks to things like "this guy are sick".
  6. bruh. There's a lot you are missing out on. Final Fantasy VII, VIII, Tactics, Vagrant Story, Lunar I and II, Grandia, Xenogears just to name a few.
  7. . It's pretty crazy. The hoops people go through to get those thanks to Nintendo choking the supply. I can't stand the things... and I like Nintendo products, generally.
  8. He has a gimmick of replacing "you" with "cha" and using it in various other instances. It was kinda like ChuChu in Xenogears, except Korcha doesn't get crucified.
  9. Make sure you get Korcha. Cha wouldn't want miss out on that.
  10. I wanted to like this game I really did. Don't get me wrong, it was fun but... everything else felt wrong. I waited for it a loooong time and the game just didn't do it for me. The story felt messed up, most of the cast was underdeveloped (side effect of having a HUGE cast), and you were only allowed to explore a small part of the world. As a sequel to Chrono Trigger, it just didn't do it. Honestly I think it could have been a better game if it were completely disconnected from Chrono Trigger. The soundtrack though was amazing. Definitely one of the best of the PS1 era, if not the best.
  11. Not playing it Just listen to the soundtrack
  12. Looks like it sold out on Amazon already.
  13. I don't think so either. But this is Dragon Quest we're talking about, decisions made for it in the west... tend not to make sense sometimes.
  14. I'll laugh if we get this over the 3DS version. And then I'll cry.
  15. I am talking about the aesthetics. The SFC version had this darker look to it, it's hard to put it into words but if you play it you'll be able to tell. Also the music of the SFC version was better, but that will happen when Hitoshi Sakimoto is doing the music. (he reinterpreted Sugiyama's work into what you hear in game)
  16. Hard to really tell how DQ11 towns will be when we've only seen one town so far, and that was just glimpse.
  17. If you pick the female hero in DQ4, Eliza remains a female. So there you go.
  18. For what its worth, Etrian Odyssey didn't start the heavy pandering until lately with the bath DLC stuff
  19. Doesn't help that JRPGs started pandering to the moe moe audience and putting that over quality Still though I think JRPGs will be fine. Square Enix seems to be getting back on track. KH3 looks good, FF15 is in development hell of some kind but seems pretty cool. Plus there's Falcom putting out their quality stuff too. We good.
  20. Gamestop in general is pretty toxic to the industry, so yeah their preordering practices included.
  21. Trying playing the SFC version sometime. It's atmosphere is quite different. Very special. The DS version is good too, to be sure. It just lost some of the feel of the original.
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