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  1. Terry sounds exactly what I thought he would lol Also that video only has 800 views, that's not to good :X
  2. BEST PLAN You could even make it a nation and lobby with the UN for DQ games
  3. I am. It's just not enough to justify the extra 40$ + shipping for me.
  4. The little figurines on the map are pretty cool.
  5. Yeah I feel like there will be a new special edition system for DQXI. Probably a 3DS too.
  6. Well there's a slime plushy with the CE too. Depending on its size, it could be worth it.
  7. Fates


    Black and White 2 are amazing games. I went back and played Platinum some. I kinda miss the slow meters, it really added tension to battles.
  8. Yeah DQ music is pretty boss. Haven't heard 10's OST, though.
  9. For what it's worth, they never sold out of FFXIII-2 Collector's Editions or FF Type 0 Collectors Editions. You can still buy them at the moment. Square Enix CEs don't seem too popular except for Kingdom Hearts.
  10. I pondered getting this but I dunno if the extras are worth another 40-50 bucks :/
  11. Yeah the Atlus tax is kinda crappy :/
  12. Shoulda had Tales of Symphonia. All the ladies love Lloyd's coffee.
  13. Yeah that's hard to believe without any proof Anyway yes, FOEs are still around, but they are no longer fuzzy orange spheres. So it kinda kills the surprise factor they used to have.
  15. Not really, he still wants to work despite his age. So that's good. Anyways, I'm really interested in the 3DS version. Wonder if we'll get it. Not really into that hero design though... looks plain.
  16. If it turned out to be a 3DS game, the meltdowns would be pretty crazy.
  17. It's probably DQ11. The question is, for what?
  18. I'm just gonna wait for an official announcement or lack thereof at this point, this is just gonna go back and forth.
  19. Fates


    baby evolution of Castform!
  20. Pretty cool! I thought the music for these ports was straight from the DS versions, they aren't. They sound really good!
  21. Yeah gonna need photos. Lacking that, here's a good guide: http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/feature/25041/quick-and-easy-ways-to-spot-a-bootleg-nintendo-ds-game
  22. You don't know that more than anyone else knows if he was being truthful, though. I'm generally pessimistic, but there has been a lot to point to a possible localization of DQ7. Could he have been caught up in the moment and said something not accurate? Sure. But don't take the the silence of an official announcement as confirmation that he was wrong. Of course they aren't going to be happy about or officially sponsor an announcement made before it was actually time for it. Right now, we have evidence going both ways. Honestly I'm happy to see the fanbase hopeful again a few dark years. I'm hoping for the best, myself.
  23. It's sad though because the muppets were probably used because he was not in physical condition to attend or even be shown.
  24. NISA localizes all of their stuff. We'd be guaranteed any and every Dragon Quest spinoff and main title if they handled it. That's because they have a niche they can safely market to and get a return. Square Enix would need bigger successes in order for that to happen. Since Monster Hunter was mentioned earlier,... it's one of my favorite series, so I've been watching it's growth in North America, and let me tell you, Capcom put WORK into making it big here. Yeah I know we all like to hate on Capcom but if there's one thing they did right it was promotion for the MH series since Monster Hunter Tri G/3 Ultimate. And the result? MH4G was a success for them in North America. If Square Enix put that work into Dragon Quest, I think the 3DS games could be successful for them, too. The audience is there.
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