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  1. I already said it on tweeter, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY again
  2. I can kinda deal with the DQ1-3 remakes because they are pretty faithful to the originals. I think we'll get the PS4 versions when DQXI comes out. I asked Michi, but she probably couldn't answer and I understand that. A bit off topic... it's FF3 that I wish would get a proper re-release. The DS version was not the same game. I think the Famicom FF3 is one of the best of the FF series.
  3. I haven't read a "professional" game review in like decade. I just youtube the game to see if I'll like it. Anyway, people are uploading the bosses from the game... the sprites are freaking awesome. Reminds me of the Romancing SaGa games.
  4. I'll toss in my recommendation of the Secret of Mana remake. It got a lot of flak from people, but I think it's a damn fine remake.
  5. They did release the Famicom I-III on the Wii, but naturally we didn't get it.
  6. I watched the Gunbuster movie. It's a condensed version of the OVA. It's a fine version, but they took out the bath scene, depriving us of anime tiddies. Regardless, I have the blu-ray, and the quality is top notch. Very nice.
  7. For something a bit more conventional... a package with DQ I-IV Famicom/NES versions would be a nice. Sure you can emulate them but it'd still be nice to have a better way to play them these days. Sometimes you just wanna play the originals.
  8. Mine Yoshizaki is a god, he created Aki Hinata.
  9. First time seeing Twitch stream monsters? Whenever a girl appears on stream, thirst mode activates full swing.
  10. Yeah, working on a IT Help desk of a company with branches all around the country when there's a nationwide ISP issue is not fun. At all. Oh well, glad I'm home now.
  11. It's gonna be a while I think. Right now I just want DQXI Switch, especially with the rumor of it getting extra content...
  12. https://gematsu.com/2018/06/dragon-quest-series-creator-yuji-horii-to-attend-anime-expo-2018 Anyone got plane tickets to LA? I got some stuff I could have signed.
  13. Not sure what you are asking. Are you asking about rankings for preorders specifically? I don't think we can see that, just general sales rank (most of which are preorders anyway though)
  14. There's a "Best Sellers Rank" section slightly beneath the mid-point of every game product's page. It's under the Release Date. You can click on the different categories to see the charts as well. Right now Fallout 76 is king (bleh)
  15. They'll definitely need some fresh faces to take the reigns if they want to keep it going. I think it can work, but they have to be smart about it. FF survived Uematsu and Sakaguchi moving on, but FF is hardly DQ in Japan. But I think Japan will be accepting if they put it in new hands gracefully. I think the immediate concern is Sugiyama, since he's up there an age and its beginning to show in the compositions (but I did like XI's soundtrack, so whatev)...
  16. I also liked the route Rebuild went. Too bad it'll never be finished.
  17. I'm right there with you. I've been worked to death for weeks now and tomorrow I get to be the only person on the team from 12PM to when I leave at 6PM. AND I work Saturday too alone. I need a vacation badly before I crash.
  18. It's nice, but a bit too pricey. AND there are Xenogears figures coming out too...
  19. I wonder if the game will have Bravely cameos as special bosses/post-game.
  20. Apparently there was an article that said Square Enix is still open to localizing it, but obviously no confirmation. Honestly if they have no intention on doing it I wish they wouldn't say those things. Just raises hopes just to disappoint.
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