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  1. https://www.rpgsite.net/news/7805-dragon-quest-xi-for-nintendo-switch-is-now-dragon-quest-xi-s
  2. Least favorite is 10 because it's a MMORPG and we never got it and never will. For DQ7 3DS, I really liked it. Moreso than the PS1 version, I think. Why?
  3. I see this thread has returned. It's still as wrong as it was on day 1.
  4. Somewhat random request. Does anyone have images of the in battle weapon images? Particularly Cautery Sword, Flame Sword, Massacre Sword, Sword of Ruin... Basically just looking for screenshots of the hero holding those weapons in battle or the equipment screen/character viewer.
  5. I remember when we had the IRC chatroom. Looks like it's gone now? Good times there, if short lived.
  6. Pretty nice of them to keep the original art in there.
  7. Congrats! It's a great site. Used to be on the forums back in the day.
  8. KOF2000 has Bao and it's definitely worth playing. The Striker system was tons of fun. Definitely recommended.
  9. XI was a great game. Also Momoko's only game, which is a crime, she's way cooler than Bao was.
  10. I reached out to the person who spilled the news and he clarified -- the 10th is when preorders open. The actual release might be October. Regardless, keep an eye on Amazon. It's not a Nintendo product, but I have concerns about scalpers being on their bullshit here too.
  11. For those interested, it's being report the NeoGeo Mini will launch in US and Europe on September 10th. That's only a few days away. Still waiting to see it pop up at Amazon. In the US, only Amazon and Gamestop will carry it.
  12. I hate that #$*! with depression. You should do stuff to keep busy but you just can't muster the will to do it. Vicious circle.
  13. Obligated to be excited for this thanks to the Castlevania reps
  14. A demo would have been nice, yup. Still, generally pretty good. Anyone see any TV spots yet?
  15. Fates


    Pokemon marathon running all 900+ episodes and movies!
  16. Nice, good to see units moving. I have a feeling the reviews will be really good, lets see if they get some new fans checking into it.
  17. I have the soundtrack already so I passed on the big box. And honestly the soundtrack is probably the weakest point of XI. Can't believe it's only a week away though, dang.
  18. Some pics are popping up on twitter. So yeah, if you're worried about spoilers, be mindful of where you tread!
  19. Aranea and Cindy are miracles of the universe.
  20. I'll be playing on my 20 inch Vizio HD TV and I'm gonna like it. Ya'll livin the high life.
  21. I feel like DB Fighter really opened up the mainstream to anime fighters. Now they just gotta make good ones and not ones that are cash-ins, that's the tricky part. DB Fighter was a labor of love and it shows. The upcoming My Hero Academia fighter looks like it's just fulfilling the need for a video game, I hope I'm wrong.
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