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  1. In my absences I've been messing with the Wizardry games. A few moments ago I spent 20 minutes creating and equipping a party in the first entry. They were slaughtered a minute into the game in an unfortunate first encounter. :[ EDIT: Also the Ultima franchise. But depression keeps me from progressing super far in the games. Just lose interest/focus. Bleh. Not the games' fault, they are quite good. I had good fun with the very first game. 2nd EDIT: In Japan, Kentaro Haneda did the music for the Wizardry series. The music is on par with Dragon Quest's IMO. He passed away in 2007, RIP.
  2. I come from an Orthodox family so the decorations don't come down until the 7th for us. I always hate these days seeing all the pretty decorations on the neighborhood go away
  3. Happy new year ya'll. Here's to a good 2019 for all of us!
  4. I arise from the grave once more... been a rough two months.
  5. ... I've been shopping on Amazon Japan for years, but I was always under the impression the marketplace could not ship overseas. But it turns out some do, like that one. Awesome, thanks.
  6. This is a longshot but... http://www.rpgfan.com/soundtracks/dq-songs/index.html If anyone has an authentic copy of this, I'm willing to buy for up to 70$. Does not have to be new.
  7. Realest of talk; Lunch was the first super saiyan. She was too powerful and Toriyama had to sideline her. Even stronger than Ultra Instinct Shaggy Blanco.
  8. They do not. They were low-key releases. Would you happen to have the original 1-6 JP guides? Long shot but I gots to ask
  9. https://www.rpgsite.net/news/7805-dragon-quest-xi-for-nintendo-switch-is-now-dragon-quest-xi-s
  10. Least favorite is 10 because it's a MMORPG and we never got it and never will. For DQ7 3DS, I really liked it. Moreso than the PS1 version, I think. Why?
  11. I see this thread has returned. It's still as wrong as it was on day 1.
  12. Somewhat random request. Does anyone have images of the in battle weapon images? Particularly Cautery Sword, Flame Sword, Massacre Sword, Sword of Ruin... Basically just looking for screenshots of the hero holding those weapons in battle or the equipment screen/character viewer.
  13. I remember when we had the IRC chatroom. Looks like it's gone now? Good times there, if short lived.
  14. Pretty nice of them to keep the original art in there.
  15. Congrats! It's a great site. Used to be on the forums back in the day.
  16. KOF2000 has Bao and it's definitely worth playing. The Striker system was tons of fun. Definitely recommended.
  17. XI was a great game. Also Momoko's only game, which is a crime, she's way cooler than Bao was.
  18. I reached out to the person who spilled the news and he clarified -- the 10th is when preorders open. The actual release might be October. Regardless, keep an eye on Amazon. It's not a Nintendo product, but I have concerns about scalpers being on their bullshit here too.
  19. For those interested, it's being report the NeoGeo Mini will launch in US and Europe on September 10th. That's only a few days away. Still waiting to see it pop up at Amazon. In the US, only Amazon and Gamestop will carry it.
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