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  1. You know, I hear that all the time yet I played it and never had an issue. I wonder if it was because it was on a slim PS2 or I just got lucky. well, to clarify, I never hit any game-breaking bugs. But the game would really slow down in spots. I remember in one of the towns the game became nearly unplayable it was so laggy with the camera. I wonder how the old PC version was that released at the same time. It was still Ubisoft, so I imagine it was still pretty rough. Anyway, I really want to revisit both games, so I hope Gung-ho doesn't keep us in the dark as far as media goes. And whether it will get a physical release, which to me is a huge deal. Grandia 1 I had on PS1, but I got REALLY sick around the time I was playing it and "played" (I was half dead) it while I was sick. So I associated the game with that being sick so I never went back to it. Then the movers stole half my PS1 games (long story) including that one so that was that.
  2. I bought Blue Reflection, the magical girl RPG with heavy yuri undertones Heard mixed views on it, but I'm curious to try it since Persona + Sailor Moon sounds like a concept that should work fairly well. Also the art is gorgeous. I probably won't get too far in it anytime soon. MHXX/Generations U comes out this week, and DQXI the following week so I'm pretty booked. Hopefully I can grab this DLC still:
  3. I see. Well, if Persona 5 wasn't time locked like that, I doubt DQXI is. Atlus went full illuminati on P5 with the streamers and all.
  4. Wouldn't the consoles not play these games or something? I'm sure there's some downloading to do before they can be played.
  5. It's a good site for RPG info, I chat with the host of that show quite often as he's from where I live and we have many retro likes. Sadly the website editor passed away from cancer this morning. I'm actually applying to write for them. We'll see how that goes. Yeah, came across that on twitter. RIP.
  6. I really have to stop going to twitter. There are some cool folk there I stay for, though. Also its not blocked at work. But, some people there... my god, the egos. Sorry, just had to ramble a little.
  7. Nice to see them trying with this game. I really hope it pays off! I feel like Horii really wants it to do well too...
  8. Hopefully physical releases on the Switch, otherwise unfortunately a pass from me. I'd love to replay these games. I played 2 on the PS2, and it was incredibly buggy.
  9. Would be a pretty great feeling to have your cosplay recognized by the bossman.
  10. Yup, whatever generates the hype for XI is A-Ok. Only a few weeks to go~ Also kinda wonder if they'll do a IX throwback since it sold comparatively well here
  11. Because it was the one that came with the FFXII demo 😛
  12. I am so flabbergasted that the franchise isn't bigger on the basis of that alone. I always say slap some ads on during Dragon Ball Super on Toonami and see what happens... Anyway, I can't really participate on this the thread. I've been in the same place I've been since I came across DQ6 on an emulator way back in the day. I'm working on my life now, but it's a slow process. Hopefully I'll be elsewhere for DQXII haha
  13. As far as I know, no. The disc is exactly the same as the base FFXV disc, you're just given a key to get the DLC Episodes for free.
  14. If you're referring to the Royal Edition, that only has a piece of the main game on the disc. Even though it "includes" all the DLC, it still has be downloaded and stored on the PS4.
  15. Could be worse, they could have chose Etrian Odyssey Xtreme. There was a Grandia game with that title. Wasn't received well, if i remember right.
  16. Pretty much the best way to react to Evangelion, tbh.
  17. I'm really curious to see how the series evolves on another platform. The exploration will obviously be easy, but the simultaneous mapping... We really need a thinking slime emoji.
  18. Disagree. Shinji praised the sun in Eva 3.33 and his boyfriend's head exploded and he opened the Doors of Guf. That's definitely cheating.
  19. Ugh I hope DQXI doesn't have huge updates. I can't play FFXV because it gets so many MASSIVE updates and my wifi is trash (and a direct cable link is out of the question given the house layout)
  20. You have a gif avie, that's cheating!
  21. Admittedly, I was first exposed to the Faulconer soundtrack, like most fans. But then I got the Dragon Boxes and got the original soundtrack, it just felt right. I also like replying in gifs.
  22. DB Kai cut out the driving episode. Criminal.
  23. Well, that sounds promising. Hope things work out for you. Today worked out weird for me. Had a doctor's appointment midday, and then my coworker said she needed to switch shifts with me (meaning I leave earlier)... so I asked my boss if I could just take the rest of the day off since it wouldn't make sense to come back from the doctor for a hour and a half. So yeah, got to relax a bit today. Well needed, I've been mentally drained for almost two weeks now.
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