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  1. Indecision, boredom, take your pick. You should see my twitter.
  2. Never thought I would see THAT word here.
  3. DISCLAIMER: Don't have the game yet, been watching streams though They got rid of the "... gets whacked!" message on critical hits. Also not digging the redesigns of the dragons and Mana Beast. They look like Etrian Odyssey monsters. I like Etrian and all, but I really liked those classic designs. BUT, it seems like a faithful remake otherwise and seems to play just like it did back in the day.
  4. Same here, been playing since MH2 but really haven't played since 3 Ultimate. I wanted to play World, but work is consuming so much of my life that I just can't find the time to invest in getting serious with it.
  5. Yeah the DS remake of VI kinda let me down. Did not convert the source material well. DQ6 was my first DQ game so I have an attachment to it so I guess I'm biased too
  6. Neat. Haven't heard much for FLCL2 after that trailer dropped.
  7. Same price I think, in which case I'd vote physical.
  8. Comes out in a few days. Anyone picking it up? Still a pass from me, but maybe down the road...
  9. Japan knows how to deliver. Anyway, bored at work and looked on eBay and found a copy of a used complete Dragon Warrior 7 (localized version) at a reasonable price. Got it. When it arrives I'll finally have DW7 after missing it back in the day.
  10. Unless he's referring to the North American versions, the dates are correct. Initial release date: January 26, 1987
  11. Maybe I'm being a philistine but I have no interest in Monsters Inc or Tangled :S I am pleased to see Ariel as a summon because that hints at no Little Mermaid world. That was just uncomfortable to sit through in KH2. Toy Story though... that's gonna be pretty rad.
  12. Yeah the whole thing with the KH3 release date at E3 is definitely going to make it a bit more difficult for DQXI to make a splash. Well, I guess all we can do is wait and see at this point.
  13. I played the NES version of 4 lately, it really made me appreciate the game a lot more. Really good time with it.
  14. What a morning at work... 7AM and 8AM were super busy. I've been up since 5:30Am, driven by coffee. I'm trying to break an apparent coffee addiction I have. It's not harmful stuff, but I've become dependent on it to be alert and awake. I need to try to cut back.
  15. Ah I see what it was I read... apparently pirates had a hard time making self booting PS1 fakes. That doesn't help me since this a JP version anyway. I was just planning to use a PS1 emulator for it when I wanted to play.
  16. So, today was a quiet day at work, so I browsed eBay for a bit and... found DQ7 PS1 for 10.99 and picked one up. Still kinda paranoid, but from what I understand of PS1 games the black bottom is hard to duplicate + there's a copy protection method on PS1 discs that region locked them. If anyone else wants to cop: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dragon-Quest-VII-Eden-no-Senshi-Tachi-Japan-Sony-PlayStation-1-2000/232338640180?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649
  17. I-IV arrived. Everything looks right on them. No red flags at all. Even the prongs on the cart leads match what the NES Cart DB has. Pretty psyched to have these. Here's a pic I took from the instruction manual of 4. Sofia being a leader and Alena being adorable while wounded.
  18. I missed waifu discussion, I am unworthy. Well, either way, I know very little about Love Live other than that Yumi I think was William Shatner's favorite Love Live girl.
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