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  1. For better or worse, I told my employer about the depression and anxiety diagnosis. For the worse, who knows what they think of me and my ability to work now. For the better, I'm able to take a hour a week to go to therapy. Although that's not until next month when my doctor returns. Took a lot of nerve to have that discussion believe me...
  2. 7 is great. Recently played the PS1 version and it's probably surpassed 6 as my favorite in the series. It's hella long, but I saw it as watching a shonen animu series. And it really is, what with the sub-arcs leading up to the big plot. It also explains what happened to Whis after Dragon Ball Super.
  3. Well, DB Kai has reached the final Kid Buu fight. The animation was so good, it's so jarring to watch this after Super and seeing the almost night and day difference.
  4. How did X-2 come up? I unironically love that game. It was a blast to play through. I can see why people might not like it though.
  5. Sure did. The infamous CASHT A THPELL commercial. A storied piece in the annals of western Dragon Quest marketing.
  6. Looks like Etrian Odyssey: Etrian Harder, bringing back all the classic portraits and all. Artwork top notch as always. Finally, a Hero class!
  7. anime tiddies are very special, see below for a story of one who didn't understand:
  8. That sounds reasonable. Since Nier was mentioned... did Square Enix really market that one big? From what I remember, that game's popularity was mostly generated by word of mouth... ... and a lot of 2B pics. But, if the game (DQXI) is as good as everyone says it is, word of mouth could help it out. ... and maybe a lot of Martina pics.
  9. Real sales figures don't get released to the public afaik. You'll only find guesses. Steam might have numbers for Heroes PC though? I don't know, I seldom use Steam. If this is to be used as a gauge of potential XI sales, it's probably not a good one. DQXI will have a broader reach than those spinoffs, and the PC version will help matters, too. Unless of course SE totally drops the ball on marketing, which is possible.
  10. It could definitely overshadow the marketing. Unfortunate timing to be sure. Though, they don't share genres, which should help.
  11. FLCL Alternative was on Toonami last night as part of their April Fools joke. I thought the episode was really good, can't wait for the rest.
  12. Square Enix store exclusive REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Might have to get it regardless though
  13. I think he means the XI hero. Who can not like V's hero and his pimp cane?
  14. Very true. Hopefully the DQ fanbase will have grown by the time it comes out.
  15. It's a great book, but content gets a little thin for games after V. Really shocked it making it over here, I know they are making a push with XI, but this book literally only has like one page for XI and that's a pic of the hero.
  16. Thanks folks It was a nice day. I'll try to be more active. Life and all, though.
  17. I'm alive or something I think. Work continues to consume my life. Still no headway made on making a change, but I can't just leave where I am now because it would make things very complicated there and for myself of course. Stuck is not a good feeling let me tell you. Anyway, thinking about getting MH World... but on the fence with waiting for a G version. We'll see how I feel tomorrow
  18. Back! My laptop died and I needed to get a new one. Lost my credentials and the password reminder email wouldn't arrive! The bossman got me set though. Anyways, glad its the weekend, this was a rough week. Still thinking about what I want to do with my life because I'm just not happy with what I'm doing right now.
  19. Yuppers. Great series. RightStuf/Nozomi re-released the first series on Blu-Ray, wonder if they will do the rest too. I also wonder why Forte covered herself after the first series. Guess they wanted to be more kid-friendly?
  20. Sorry about the avie changes, I'll keep this one up for a while. Shoutouts if you recognize her, she's my favorite character from an animu series that always makes me feel better. Anyways, life has been turbulent lately. Might be time for a big change in my life because as it stands I'm going nowhere. There's no upside to where I'm at, and the experience I'm getting from it is on an outdated, archaic system that's not being used at many other places.
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