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  1. On 7/2/2020 at 10:50 PM, YangustheLegendaryBandit said:

    I’m sad EVO Online was canceled. It was already bad that EVO 2020 was canceled due to COVID, but now EVO Online was canceled entirely due to “stuff,” involving one of the top guys who organizes everything.

    I was looking forward to watching the tournaments on my weekends off this month.

    Saw this post with "EVO cancelled" and looked it up

    holy freaking crap what the hell

    I went on a 3 day vacation, that happens, government says "just gotta live with corona!", Kanye is running for president. the hell

  2. They reopened most stuff in the city. But there's no mask provisions, so everyone gathered in Fells Point shoulder to shoulder and without any kind of mitigation.

    And for some reason someone fired a gun and there were several fights? 

    Cases are going back up in some cities, can't image we're far off too.

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  3. The CD lot has been sold.

    CD Box set is still available. If anyone here is interested, I'll sell for 90$.

    I also have a PS1 copy of Dragon Warrior 7 thats not posted yet. Probably selling for 35$.

  4. yeah that. I used to leave it, but then I'd get like 5-10 offers at the minimum price. I didn't mind at first but no one seems to like to haggle anymore lol. You send them a counteroffer like halfway or more and they disappear...

  5. On 5/10/2020 at 9:34 PM, eal said:

    It would be even better if you had a boat party instead of a boat and a party.

    Sounds fun but wouldn't advise it. There's a vortex that goes around in the water that can destroy the boat instantly. That's why I have the boat parked on the narrow there... it can get hit there, but very unlikely. Then you gotta troll the coasts and fight more pirates to steal their boat again. There's a town only accessible via water, as well as the last dungeon.

    This game is a lot of fun but it can go bad really fast... and there's no bouncing back sometimes.

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  6. Well the party I've been mostly raising pretty well since early last week is dead now except for the thief. And there's no way he can raise the money to res the rest alone.

    But hey, I got the boat of the part responsible for the deaths. A boat.



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  7. Yup. Through DOSBox. I grew up with these on an Apple IIc that was in my room growing up.

    For some reason the emulator's auto-detect on how many cycles this games needs is very off. It runs like you are using the fast forward on SNES9x/zsnes/etc. It's very playable, it's just anything that has more than one frame animates very heckin fast. I set the emulator to a forced number of cycles, it fixes Ultima 3, but then everything else runs slow. Ultima 6 takes like 3 minutes to even start.

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  8. finally was able to get the shiny Charmander I got into a Charizard in Go yeeeeeaaaaaaahhh

    looks like I got the Charmander in December, but yeah

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  9. Had a nervous breakdown... uh, Wednesday or Thursday, I don't know. All days are the same now. I was emotionally dead for an entire night.

    Much better now thankfully. Cleaned up my room and my car too. Spring cleaning I guess, refreshed the soul.

    I think there's an unspoken harm in this pandemic in the mental health of people. Thankfully it's something Telehealth can do better than a physical ailment. But with people losing jobs, they lose the insurance and well, that's a no go. I'm in an essential industry, so my job is still operating normally, but for those that are getting furloughed or worse, it's horrifying.

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  10. mandatory mask order goes into effect tomorrow morning in Maryland

    they gave me one when I had the flu earlier this year, but I took it off after I left the exam room and no one said anything... I was suffocating with it

    well, good thing some just arrived today

  11. bad tbh

    I've dealt with anxiety and depression since I was 12, and the anxiety/obssessive side was relating to disease and germs. Years of therapy helped...

    It was like this: "You need to get out of the house and stop washing your hands so much". Now: "Stay the hell inside and wash the hell out of your hands" 😩

    At least work is kinda letting up a BIT *knocks on wood*

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