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  1. Well, I finally did it... I landed a huge new job. The pay difference is more than 15K, and I'm finally not on some kind of service desk/help desk/call queue.

    6 years of struggling have hopefully paid off. I started the day after Labor Day.

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  2. I know I haven't been on much but...

    Tomorrow might be the biggest day of my life in the past few years, if as a whole. Part of the reason I haven't been active like I was back in the day was my life was taken over by an incredibly stressful and time consuming job. A job that I spend 9-10 hours a day on, and got paid peanuts. Even when I get home I so stressed out I can't muster up the energy to do much anything I used to enjoy.

    I have an interview tomorrow morning for a job. It is a major financial improvement, environment improvement, life improvement, you name it. I match it on virtually every bullet point on the job description, and I have 5 years of experience where it wants 3.

    I'm in final consideration along with 2 others... I've risked my current job to do phone screenings, send emails back and forth and make cover stories. I'm going in late tomorrow too to make the interview....



  3. Been job hunting for a week so far. Apparently getting my first offer tomorrow morning. Have a few interviews for the next few days so I'll have to wait and weigh my options. 

    I guess the three years of stress of where I am now kinda pay off.

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  4. Checked out the series a few months ago and have been playing it and Wizardry a lot since. 

    Pic is Ultima 3, I'm chilling with Lord British. There's a Famicom/NES version of the game that is very accessible to JRPG players. I think the games have aged pretty well tbh.

    As far as Wizardry, I remember when I first picked up Etrian 1 I thought it was the most unforgiving thing I've played. But this is just plain evil. When you go to resurrect there's a possibility a character can be turned to ashes instead. And that's happened to me on EVERY res attempt.

    ultima 3.png

  5. Hi im still alive

    lots of stuff changing in my life. Some for the better, some not so much. I try to focus on the good nowdays though

    anyways still playing video game when I can muster the will. Ultima III Exodus is a really good game, play it if you can. You can kinda see where the Dragon Quest spark came from

  6. In my absences I've been messing with the Wizardry games. A few moments ago I spent 20 minutes creating and equipping a party in the first entry. 

    They were slaughtered a minute into the game in an unfortunate first encounter. :[


    Also the Ultima franchise. But depression keeps me from progressing super far in the games. Just lose interest/focus. Bleh. Not the games' fault, they are quite good. I had good fun with the very first game.

    2nd EDIT:

    In Japan, Kentaro Haneda did the music for the Wizardry series. The music is on par with Dragon Quest's IMO. He passed away in 2007, RIP.

  7. They do not. They were low-key releases.

    On 11/5/2018 at 3:12 PM, King Zenith said:

    Yes, I've got them. For 7 and 8, I've got the PSX / PS2 versions. Hopefully that's what you are looking for. So...

    DW7 - PSX Guide
    DQ8 - PS2 Guide
    DQ9 - NDS

    I can provide if that's what you are interested in.

    Would you happen to have the original 1-6 JP guides? Long shot but I gots to ask

  8. 22 hours ago, YangustheLegendaryBandit said:

    I made that comment because I remember when I first saw One Punch Man and complained about Terrible Tornado (little green haired woman who’s basically Maribel just with psychic powers) Fates came a runnin’ to reply! Haha


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