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  1. local greek import store has a nescafe blend that's really good. Strong, so gotta watch how much you put in otherwise you just get blasted by dark roast


    as far as coffee places... well when I'm in Ohio there's a place called High Octane coffee. It's really good and their espresso is also pretty good in both taste and "kicking your butt into gear". In Baltimore, Joann's in Dundalk is really good. They opened >just< before COVID and I was afraid they wouldn't make it through the shutdowns but they are still there and bustling!


    for franchise coffee.... Panera's Hazelnut blend is really good. Starbucks has the most effective espresso shots. Dunkin has the best Iced Coffee. I was in Buffalo NY last week too and they got a bunch of Tim Hortons (a canadian chain?), they also have good coffee. Their breakfast sandwiches though, hopefully you like your eggs white because it got my gf sick...

  2. Saw some talk that scalpers are having trouble reselling their Battle Styles hoarding.

    I really hope this is the case and the scalping stops and people just looking for stuff can find it.

  3. On 3/17/2021 at 9:24 AM, Ice Dragon 19 said:

    For anyone who is into watching dumb ways to die in a video game. This is the NES version of Shadowgate btw (or might be PC?) Now i do like the way the game is layered out, it does have that old puzzle game vibe but the number of game over's gets from being funny to annoying. 

    check out the Elvira games that came out on the Amiga and IBM/dos, and Waxworks... some really dark death scenes there lol



  4. uh some Mint Tea which is apparently good for digestive health...

    not too much adventurous drinking from me due to a medicine's reaction with alcohol which I learned the hard way.

    I just try to visit different places when I travel and try their coffee or teas

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  5. I live in a city and it's hard to find public raids.

    In a small town in Ohio, go to a park, and suddenly there's 10+ people there remote or in person.

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  6. Spent Tuesday-Friday in Niagara NY. Falls were nice. But there was a park slightly north that I thought took the cake. Just a really great location.

    I said this a few times (below), and the gf thought I was insane.


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  7. Thank you guys. Sorry I didn't reply on the 25th. Spent the week in Niagra NY with the girlfriend. Niagra Falls was nice. Unfortunately the bottom platforms are still closed due to ice (and there was snow still down there!), but we could still get good looks.

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  8. 4 hours ago, YangustheLegendaryBandit said:

    No. Platty is...well, I’ll let this picture explain it for him:


    this just reminds me of how nuts SaGa 2 was. This guy's your teacher and mentor, and your dad abandons your character as a child by jumping out their bedroom window as Indiana Jones

  9. 15 hours ago, Plattym3 said:

    Ugh. I did 10.5 hours today. And almost watched a bunch of stupid people die before my eyes. Had to stay and explain it all to the State Troopers, but the TL;DR is don't stop your car in travel lanes.

    Especially at night.

    Especially on the Interstate.

    My family and I weren't involved in anything but the 911 call, and only 1 person in a 3 car collision was taken away with minor injuries. 4b9c9bdd5f04d3d87c3c161cc03e08cf.jpg9ce567040fb77bb0c4bdd8ac7167c23c.jpg

    yeah folks do a lot of dumb stuff like this..... still think one half of New Jersey is a racetrack with all the speeding/swerving I see every time

  10. Unfortunately now is a very bad time for the card game, for new and older sets alike. Logan Paul did a pack opening video and just ignited a huge trend of people not even into Pokemon buying them up for youtube videos like that. Hoarding and scalping it out of control. My local stores have been consistently cleaned out since December.

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  11. do folks still play Pokemon Go? I started it a year and half ago. At level 35 right now. Just learned how to evolve Magneton today and he became a 2900 CP Magnezone. Not bad. my second highest under 3233 Metagross.


    Which means I probably dont want to run into fire types in the high level metagame

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  12. 7 hours ago, Woodus said:

    Reminds me of Eye of the Beholder, I played thru all of those :)

    They are built on the same general model, which I think was largely spawned by Dungeon Master... which was also an Amiga game, but ported to DOS and is generally a 1:1 conversion. Most games for the Amiga platform went to DOS, but some ports were not as good, visually and audibly.


    Heroquest is a good example, 1st image is Amiga, 2nd is DOS.





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  13. They've got the main DQ games on mobile devices, so they're probably fine with that for now.

    Seiken Densetsu 3/Trials of Mana remake turned out very well so if that same care is given to other titles this could be pretty interesting to see the results of.

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  14. I got the "official" Amiga emulator. The one made by programmers of the original platform.

    Amazing computer platform. The games on it are so good and have a visual look that's amazing even today.

    but besides that, life has been:




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