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  1. there's going to be a huge mental health epidemic whenever this COVID stuff finally starts to subside in like a year or two at this rate who knows. Between taking care of my mom and work and the latter seemingly not very caring about the former I am reaching a limit myself.
  2. got a retrogames VIC-20 replica. It's basically a C64 Maxi with a VIC-20 skin, limited apparently. Loaded a game from my early childhood on it. Elite. I was too dumb to figure this out as a kid, so I'd usually just end up shooting the station you launch from and fighting the cops. Brings back memories
  3. whoa man everything looks different and there's a guy with a rocket launcher on the screen
  4. tought this was revived since its football season again. Its really amazing how two seasons of Lamar Jackson has made the Baltimore conversation on Flacco "who?", like just completely purged from memory
  5. bad: work is really a trip of late good: got a decent raise so OK. First time in my life I got a raise
  6. Very appreciative of this tavern letting me barge in with my horse and chill at the bar.
  7. Fates

    Switch RPGs...?

    Well SaGa 1-3 are coming to the Switch................................................. digital only, but 20$ isn't an awful asking price. imo the original SaGa trilogy are the best games of that franchise. <---- current icon is from the remake of 2 on the DS
  8. But what phones can't do, and I've found this to be perhaps the most egregious issue at hand, is give you "followers". Perhaps that whole concept was flawed on the onset, too. The ego shoots to insane levels. To a point of perceived infallibility. And I fear that's where where the harm is -- that infallibility does not follow you offline. When you goof at a job and need to explain yourself, your "hot take" won't win the day and no one will be there to cheer for you. This sounds cold, but at the end of the day our strength, our confidence is built from our triumphs over adversity. When yo
  9. Surprisingly, Facebook isn't too much a problem for me. It was mostly always used to connect with family in Greece... that holds true 11 years later. But, for what it's worth I've seen places like that outside the city before the advent of Facebook, which political posters literally all over their lawns and one really lonely and confused garden gnome. But Twitter... I feel like even though it seems fairly innocuous at times, I feel like it's doing *actual* harm to socialization and perceptions of real world issues. I know it sounds like an "old man yells at cloud" kinda take, but it seems
  10. Trials of Mana right now again Switched Duran from Paladiin to Liege. Lookin sharp
  11. "Victim blaming" is a loaded phrasing to be sure but generally yes getting angered usually requires external factors OR in the event of an anger management issues internal factors that can be helped. In that same time though, humans are emotional and people will get upset no matter how zen they are. So I guess in short it's not a black and white issue.
  12. Somewhat related to coping during the pandemic: Twitter. It sort of became a habit for me. An exercise in self-loathing I guess. A coping mechanism, and as usual, a bad one. But, been a week without so far. A forced detox, so to speak. Feel much better and less irritated.
  13. Certain RPG series carry high premiums on the aftermarket. The big three are generally Wizardry, Ultima, and Dragon Quest. In that order. Most expensive thing I've seen was a copy of the PS1 Wizardry side game, Dimguil yeaaaaaaahhhhh
  14. anyone here getting those Game Gear Micros? The yellow one has Last Bible 1 and Last Bible S You can up your street cred and flex on SMT fans by playing Megami Tensei entries! Or suffer eye pain trying to look at those tiny screens I have a preorder in for the set but I dunno. I do really wanna play those and the Shining Forces though.
  15. Three Houses was how I knew twitter might not be for me anymore like, when I tried to find stuff on it the results were I could tell you, in detail, about the complete sexual exploits of the cast, but literally nothing about the gameplay elements.
  16. Rogue Galaxy was good it's a shame it got overlooked in the PS2 JRPG conversation over like say, Xenosaga. I mean............... Xenosaga 3 was ok but the first 2 were a slog of long cutscenes and linearity
  17. fwiw I never really count MMOs in that conversation because they keep evolving. A new expansion could make it better or worse. I want to play DQX too but I resigned myself to it never happening I think FFXI is better than XIV though and if we count remakes. Trials of Mana my dude. But in my defense, I waited for that since 1998. Kinda biased, but I think Square did a terrific job of updating that and keeping it faithful.
  18. Oops bandicam 2020-08-16 15-50-21-846.mp4
  19. JP 3ds acquired, time to play the best game of the decade for a 3rd time
  20. 3DS version remains in purgatory. A damn shame, while certainly not as graphically up to par as the PS4 version I found the characters to be very expressive in the 3DS version, more so than the PS4. Size limitation clearly not a factor anymore. There's also the Famicom sprite stuff. Dang.
  21. the "really old computer RPG" rabbit hole is really fun Behold, a first person RPG with mecha... from none other than pre-FF Square! And imagine a time when Uematsu would be credited second in the manual for music, rather than the starring dude. The game's menus are in english, but dialogue is in Japanese. A very interesting game, to be sure.
  22. good lords the flat earthers were right
  23. Ok, here it is: https://www.ebay.com/sch/anthonred_4/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
  24. Ok this sold the moment I posted it on eBay. Literally. Gonna add my page to this thread for all items. Y'all can check it out and let me know if you're interested in something I'll give you a discount.
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