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  1. Yeah, not a good omen. Also the Orioles. Like, yeah, they suck. Rebuilding. But yesterday they had a no-hit going into the 7th, when in 20 minutes it went from 0-1, to the Jays scoring 11 times. That, that's a special kind of hurt. EDIT: today...
  2. Judging from the injury reports, Baltimore sports is just gonna be unpleasant all around this year.
  3. Started messing with Atari ST emulation. I found there's an Ultima II port on it... it can be played completely via mouse!
  4. Maybe, I just learned a japanese Pokemon card I bought on Mercari for like 75cents (but 5$ with shipping) is now going for 200+ in PSA7-8, and 150 ungraded lol Sucks though because a lot of stuff is just outright gone in seconds and marked up to hell. I mean in Pokemon cards I'd say the scalpers have effectively become part of the whole supply chain, inserting themselves between retailer > consumer.
  5. Pandemic hoarding and price gouging with virtually everything paired with rising popularity of Dragon Quest mostly led to the price spikes. Apparently VHS tapes are also getting notably gouged.
  6. Playing, or badly trying to, a C64 shmup called IO........ yeah I can't pass the first wave. Between mounted turrets and ships firing at you, I just get shot down easily.
  7. first time in my life got a pretty decent bump in pay... hard work paying off I guess
  8. We just got two kitties......... first time I've had a pet since I was I dunno 6 or 7 lol. they hit their heads on things a lot.
  9. I let it sit for about 2 hours the first time. Upon learning it, did it for about 5 hours the next day, and left it plugged the next day. Sadly nada. I sold it, noting it's condition. Unfortunately there's no way I could muster the stability to do the soldering for a new battery (my hands shake really bad)
  10. Just a general warning... Don't leave your Vita idle for months uncharged. Internal battery dies. RIP, Vita. Vita no longer meant life for this unit.
  11. local greek import store has a nescafe blend that's really good. Strong, so gotta watch how much you put in otherwise you just get blasted by dark roast as far as coffee places... well when I'm in Ohio there's a place called High Octane coffee. It's really good and their espresso is also pretty good in both taste and "kicking your butt into gear". In Baltimore, Joann's in Dundalk is really good. They opened >just< before COVID and I was afraid they wouldn't make it through the shutdowns but they are still there and bustling! for franchise coffee.... Panera's Hazelnut blend is really good. Starbucks has the most effective espresso shots. Dunkin has the best Iced Coffee. I was in Buffalo NY last week too and they got a bunch of Tim Hortons (a canadian chain?), they also have good coffee. Their breakfast sandwiches though, hopefully you like your eggs white because it got my gf sick...
  12. Saw some talk that scalpers are having trouble reselling their Battle Styles hoarding. I really hope this is the case and the scalping stops and people just looking for stuff can find it.
  13. Lotta folks seem to be coming back it seems. The Den lives on.
  14. well this threads lasted 5 years because that's the average time in DQ7 to get to the class system part
  15. uh some Mint Tea which is apparently good for digestive health... not too much adventurous drinking from me due to a medicine's reaction with alcohol which I learned the hard way. I just try to visit different places when I travel and try their coffee or teas
  16. I live in a city and it's hard to find public raids. In a small town in Ohio, go to a park, and suddenly there's 10+ people there remote or in person.
  17. wooooo FOUR Rayquazas in this weekend's event in Go. No shiny. But now I have Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza.
  18. Spent Tuesday-Friday in Niagara NY. Falls were nice. But there was a park slightly north that I thought took the cake. Just a really great location. I said this a few times (below), and the gf thought I was insane.
  19. this just reminds me of how nuts SaGa 2 was. This guy's your teacher and mentor, and your dad abandons your character as a child by jumping out their bedroom window as Indiana Jones
  20. would really like a shiny Zygarde. No one seems to like that guy lol
  21. yeah folks do a lot of dumb stuff like this..... still think one half of New Jersey is a racetrack with all the speeding/swerving I see every time
  22. Drove from Baltimore to New Haven, back to Baltimore... 11 hours. and tomorrow, 5 to Ohio yeaaaaaahhhh but at least I have some days off of work next week.
  23. It's kind of remarkable that the sprites for this game were never fully ripped. Did folks simply not care (hard to believe) or is there some draconian (HEH) protection on those assets in the game?
  24. found this! I remember this game. Just a nice cover art so I got it anyway
  25. Unfortunately now is a very bad time for the card game, for new and older sets alike. Logan Paul did a pack opening video and just ignited a huge trend of people not even into Pokemon buying them up for youtube videos like that. Hoarding and scalping it out of control. My local stores have been consistently cleaned out since December.
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