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  1. I presume this is my repayment for waiting for Seiken Densetsu 3 to be officially localized since I learned of it in 1998.
  2. Saw this post with "EVO cancelled" and looked it up holy freaking crap what the hell I went on a 3 day vacation, that happens, government says "just gotta live with corona!", Kanye is running for president. the hell
  3. they finally mandated masks at work. Now I won't be the only one!
  4. They reopened most stuff in the city. But there's no mask provisions, so everyone gathered in Fells Point shoulder to shoulder and without any kind of mitigation. And for some reason someone fired a gun and there were several fights? Cases are going back up in some cities, can't image we're far off too.
  5. DOSBox woes, emulation lag in the keys? It added some extra forwards as I moved up this valley and put my new party probably close to level 2 now into the damage/lava(?) area, where they immediately died
  6. I don’t even think I’ve seen sprite tips for 2d mode. But the 3ds is notoriously hard to crack. Dunno about S.
  7. Finally got a JP 3ds. The DQM2 remake one. ........ but because of the lithium battery, DHL would not transport it. And with coronavirus, the only option was Surface Mail
  8. got the PC98 Ultima collection, messing with Ultima III there... some pics below. They come with the Anex86 emulator. It's tricky to work with, but in english so you can read the settings at least.
  9. The CD lot has been sold. CD Box set is still available. If anyone here is interested, I'll sell for 90$. I also have a PS1 copy of Dragon Warrior 7 thats not posted yet. Probably selling for 35$.
  10. yeah that. I used to leave it, but then I'd get like 5-10 offers at the minimum price. I didn't mind at first but no one seems to like to haggle anymore lol. You send them a counteroffer like halfway or more and they disappear...
  11. Selling some of my DQ stuff that I can part with: DQI-VIII individual soundtrack+suites lot, all 90$ https://www.ebay.com/itm/184296100558 DQI-VII Symphonic Suite boxset, complete with still packaged bottle caps that were boxed with it. It's up for 120, but let me know if you wanna make an offer for it. I have the offer threshold low on ebay to prevent spam from lowballing offer bots: https://www.ebay.com/itm/184296102538
  12. Status on the product has been changed to this the attached image for buyers outside Japan. Unsure if preorders made before it will still ship.
  13. Sounds fun but wouldn't advise it. There's a vortex that goes around in the water that can destroy the boat instantly. That's why I have the boat parked on the narrow there... it can get hit there, but very unlikely. Then you gotta troll the coasts and fight more pirates to steal their boat again. There's a town only accessible via water, as well as the last dungeon. This game is a lot of fun but it can go bad really fast... and there's no bouncing back sometimes.
  14. I now have a full party AND a boat. A bit better...
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