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  1. I always went standard as a kid. Needed my meat shield, healer, and caster. When i open up the shrine id make my caster a sage and farm metal babbles. After beating the game several times intried making a group with a fighter healer and jester. While the jester added some randomness to.the fights it didnt feel right. So i deleted the save an never veered of my solid party ever again.
  2. I loved 11. It was beautiful and felt like a return to rpg gaming that sucked me in. Especially after ff15 beimg a snoozefest. My only wish would have been to bring back the over world map.
  3. Lol i do prefer the cold. So September would come in the blink of an eye and I'd get to kiss the Vegas summer. Sign me up!
  4. September can't come fast enough. DQ back to North America and on a console. The only thing that would come to a close second place in my nostalgia would be a real follow up.fo chrono trigger
  5. It's basically dynasty warriors but woth dragon quest characters. So those that dont like the rpg elements of the traditional games, and like action games would be a great entry point or reentry to the series.
  6. Welcome to the den. We probably arent to far in age. I remember when i got dragon warrior with a subscription to nintendo power. I still habe the guide thst came with the issue from.the promotion. The art style drew me in. The story kept me pressing on with the game.
  7. Welcome to the forum. It amazes me that people are still discovering dragon quest for the first time.
  8. Please never let this happen. They have done it to final fantasy and they have been terrible.games for a decade now
  9. Thanks woodus for helping me save my games and spend my moolah. I do love amazon though
  10. JaybirdC and RyuKisargi hello and nice meeting you both as well.
  11. Maybe the next iteration of the ds will have an internal memory allowing you to save files directly to it from the carts. Then again thats assuming they stick with carts, but Nintendo seems like i will never let them go.
  12. That doesnt sound very simple, but thanknyou for the detailed explanation. If j can.find one kf the cords you are talking about. Then ill be able to hopefully play dq9 again!
  13. I wish i was savvy enough with technology to know how to import export saves. Thanks for the idea though. I really did enjoy that game just talking about it on this board. Enough so i rummaged threw my things to find it.
  14. This has been one of my favorite games for the ds without anything even coming close to the time and effort I've spent on it. I went to official Nintendo meet ups to get special stuff, and get the required number of people in my inn. What upsets me is that there's only 1 save file. I really want to play it again but I'll never be able to get the friends visiting my inn, or what ever it is i got from those meet ups. I guess my only option is to buy a second cartridge. I'm still mad lol.
  15. Thanks for the welcomes. Honestly I've been on this site for 15 year or more. I found it looking for game genie codes. Back then i didn't know what a forum was so i never had a reason register. Which i finally did coincidentally april of 2008 almost my 10 year anniversary. And Woodus you actually helped me change my name once. So maybe thats why i was a tad familiar. Me in all my infinite wisdom had my name as nes edrick, but thanks to you we got it squared away to the proper name. So once again thanks for that.
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