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  1. Mimas, I haven't been keeping up with the promotional stuff. Do you know how many episodes are planned? Are they going to cover the whole series this time? Do you like Maam's new design?
  2. Would you guys be interested in doing a watch party ? So far I'm enjoying it. I miss the original serie's soundtrack, but i'll work with it. I really hope they adapt the whole series this time.
  3. Watching Dai no Daibouken (2020). Everyone on this site should be too.
  4. I like Mother 1 a lot. It's not a perfect game, but it does some neat things, especially for that era. I also adore the atmosphere of that game. It's very Stephen King-esque.
  5. Nice catch on the 3 character limit. Never thought of that before, but yeah I can see it. It would have been in development not long after DQ2 as well.
  6. 3DS version is great, but there are definitely things I prefer about the PSX version. The revised intro sucks, for example. Really hurt the impact of the beginning. Also, some of the music cues were altered or not as effective. But over all, the 3DS version is a great version.
  7. Mother 1 is kind of a Dragon Quest parody. But it's also a serious game in its own right.
  8. I'm still hanging in there. I've had some losses though My aunt (mother's side) died back in June. My wife's uncle had it but has since made a recovery (was hospitalized and was touch and go for a moment). One of my close friend's dad died of it because he is a public figure and didn't want to be embarrassed by going to the hospital (he was a Filipino politician). Another friend contracted it while on a hiking vacation. He was okay though. Just mild symptoms So yeah, we're just doing our best to protect ourselves. Stay safe everyone.
  9. Dai no Daibouken 2020 is off to a good start!

    1. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      Would love if it was dubbed. I don't watch much TV, I listen to it in the background.

    2. Twinkie


      I got around to watching it last night. It is off with a really good start!

  10. Watched the first episode today. It was pretty good. Looks nice and is very playful like the old show.
  11. While I'm excited for the new series, I loved the music to the original. The OP was one of Sugiyama's best songs. Still, I'll be watching every episode.
  12. Slayers is a classic. Right now I'm watching Record of Lodoss War. It's pretty good.
  13. I've driven by their office. It's near LAX. Pretty nice building.
  14. Pretty excited. I'm sad that Sugiyama isn't doing the music for the new series though. His OPs were amazing. Still, I'll make do.
  15. Actually Yuji Horii didn't win that contest. Koichi Nakamura did. Horii was runner up. Nakamura would later be one of the cocreators of the franchise, serving as director on DQ1-4. He was also the founder of Chun soft.
  16. First episode of the Podcast is out now. It's available on itunes, Google play, spotify. Here is the link to the youtube version. First episode is long AF.... We probably should have broken it up into 2 parts lol. https://www.weeabuds.com/2019/12/weeabuds-official-podcast-episode-01-2019-year-in-review/ We talk about Dragon Quest XI and Builders 2 beginning at the 53:00 minute mark
  17. Yep. Like other Saga games, you can have a really tough time if you grind too much.
  18. I've listened to every episode! Great work. You guys have a good dynamic. I'd be interested in a guest appearance. Let me know when you guys have an opening to have me, and I'll find some time to join in. Love talking some DQ.
  19. We wrote an article about Koichi Sugiyama. https://www.weeabuds.com/2019/11/dragon-quest-composer-koichi-sugiyama-a-retrospective/
  20. We definitely plan more coverage for RS3. That game is dope.
  21. Hey guys, My friends and I have launched a new gaming website called Weeabuds. We're going to focus mostly on Japanese and indy games, as well as manga and anime. Next month we plan to start a supplemental podcast as well. Let us know what you think! I'm definitely planning on a lot of DQ coverage for the site, since it's my favorite series. What do you guys want to read about?
  22. Awesome. I can't wait to listen to this. If you guys ever want me on the show let me know
  23. There is actually less voice acting in the English version. In the Japanese version of the trailer, you can here the hero saying the names of the spells he uses. They removed that from the US version.
  24. Awesome news. I love how the chosen alternates represent the different eras. Erdrick - erdrick series Solo - Zenithia trilogy Eight - PlayStation duology Luminary - Current protag Only the multiplayer games aren't represented.
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