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  1. Awesome. I can't wait to listen to this. If you guys ever want me on the show let me know
  2. There is actually less voice acting in the English version. In the Japanese version of the trailer, you can here the hero saying the names of the spells he uses. They removed that from the US version.
  3. Awesome news. I love how the chosen alternates represent the different eras. Erdrick - erdrick series Solo - Zenithia trilogy Eight - PlayStation duology Luminary - Current protag Only the multiplayer games aren't represented.
  4. The way I was going, i actually didn't hit traffic. I was driving 78 miles. But Yeah I was spending a lot on gas. Like 600 a month.
  5. How many pages is it? Any discussion on Torishima from Shonen Jump's involvement? He kinda of gets shafted when people talk about the origins of the series
  6. What do you consider too long of a commute? I was recently in a position where I could take a job 80 miles from my apartment. Thats about a 2-3 hour commute each way. Pay was about 30% more than i was making. I took it. I drove 80 miles each day. It sucked, but after a couple months I was able to move closer to work. I now live about 40 miles away. I didnt want to move further because I'd miss my friends. My commute is now about an hour long. I live in SoCal. We're used to driving a long time here. But I can tell you, long commutes don't need to be permanent. My suggestion is to just suck it up until you can afford to move closer
  7. I know a couple people on this site that must be thrilled
  8. Hire me Michi. Ill be your lacky slave. I will dedicate my life to Dragon Quest.
  9. I was reading the English version of Dragon Quest illustrations and there was an interesting note. Most of the monster designs for V and VI were comlleted around the same time. One of the designs that went unused was Nimzo's first form. They went with a new design instead. They later reused that design for Murdaw in DQVI. As intended the battle with Nimzo would start with this https://i.imgur.com/yGVFa7z.png And then end he would transform into this: https://i.imgur.com/eBpoSDS.png I cant believe i didnt notice it before...
  10. What do you think would be involved in selling DQ as DQ though? They can't really rely on prestige or nostalgia. And charm doesn't really sell well. It's one of those things you have to experience and not be told about. I'll be honest, I'm not really sure how to sell DQ to Americans. It's a great product and brand, but it's not what I would call flashy.
  11. Great post but I disagree here. Nintendo did a great job with those ads. They were exactly how you market DQ. Get celebrities involved. Make it look sexy. Those commercials did a great job of presenting the functions of the game in a humorous and fun way.
  12. Just passed the Dundrasil scene in Act 2. This game is so good. I'd say this probably in my top 4 of the series for sure. 7 > 3 > 11 > 4. I think I do prefer the 3DS version though. Better world design
  13. There was pluses and minuses to the 3DS version. I don't like the changes they made to the beginning of the game. And the job system. But a lot of other stuff is good.
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