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  1. http://nintendoeverything.com/108649/dragon-quest-vii-3ds-boxart/ Oh yeah.
  2. Looks like visible encounters in dungeons as well from that Mt. Flame screenshot, Bubble Slime.
  3. I am one who has been playing since the original DW on NES and I loved the name changes, accents, dialects, puns, what have you. I felt they fit in with the game well, and added more flavor for me. I say go for the remakes.
  4. Pre-ordering it from the SE store just means you'll have access to it from the beginning of the game as opposed to waiting until the Coastal Casino, which you will still be able to get more. Though in DQVII particularly, I really didn't make much use of the Falcon Sword like I may have in VIII or IX. Other two items seem new, possibly also from the new grotto/special lithograph dungeons if they are as randomized as IX's. Considering that fact they probably added a lot of new items and possibly monsters.
  5. You're not, I enjoyed them too. Especially in IV with how each chapter/region had it's own. And not like the titles after IV have had the severity of that one regarding accents, I'd consider DQVI to be quite excellent in that regard. But hey, different strokes for different folks, I can see why people may not like them.
  6. And given Nintendo published IX, VI and DQMJ2 here and would likely publish VII 3DS here, not sure what SE is "evaluating".
  7. Its kind of bad when you consider VIII and IX both did over 2 million in their first weeks. http://andriasang.co...n268/dqx_debut/ Not really, considering one is an MMO and the others are not. That's like comparing units sold of FFXI, the most profitable FF, to FFVII. For comparison, FFXI sold 70k it's first week in Japan, and as I stated, over all that is the most profitable FF. DQX selling 6 times that amount is no slouch. For MMO releases it's not about units sold, but more or less monthly subscription fees and how profitable it is for the company. DQX is a long term i
  8. Is there user wacky or is there an actual offline mode aside from the intro? http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/955322-dragon-quest-x/63416066 And if so, how long is it?
  9. Jessica today, probably they'll throw in Carver at the end of Jessica/Moonbrooke/Fleurette, and she only has 3 pieces, so no vocation specific piece from her. Also, it's the Guest Guys' Gear Week 2, you can buy some pieces of Kiefer's, Trode's, Borya's and Torneko's gear.
  10. Isn't Carver still to come as well? Indeed he is. He's my prediction for next week. After that, I am very curious to see what they do. Yeah, he was due to come before Morrie and Ragnar according to the JP schedule, and so far other than the special reward guests we've been following the JP schedule. He was kind of a special reward guest from TGS2009, or the prior distribution DQMBII. So we'll see if we get him and the others, we should, but we'll see.
  11. Wow, a bright staff, deft dagger, AND poker today, as well as an orichalcudgel and metal slime spear, I need to alchemize for money, a-stat. But that's gonna be hard with DQVI beckoning.
  12. Really wish tagging was made usable online, I get why they did it local wireless only for Japan, just bleh.
  13. Still need an Excalipurr map for that quest and a Greygnarl one to farm Dragonlord, fun fun, back to the grotto grindin I go.
  14. Highest level is 99 with my Hero and I've revocated once per class for him, so just 1. And no luck getting any good maps.
  15. its a shame ur in new york. id have no problem tagging u If only, I need that map! (And one with the other bosses, as well as a Gem Slime and PKJ ;/, maybe Kawasaki also)
  16. Ugh, I still need to get a map with Excalipurr, (as well as T. Wrecks and Greygnarl) else I can't do this quest. Yet all I seem to be getting is Fowleye or Atlas and I'm just grotto spamming, /rage
  17. I didn't get the Estard or Somnia clothes. Wanted to dress my hero up as the DQVI Hero in celebration of DQVI releasing next week, lol. Ah well, also apparently DQVII is cursed for me as I haven't gotten a single piece of Estard gear off DQVC, whether it's the body week, the handwear week, the footwear week, the hat week, or the legwear week. Wonder what the Theme Week will be tomorrow for DQVC, but eh, now that I'm relatively caught up on Extra quests, I'm waiting for that more
  18. Have everything from this week other than invincible, impregnable, Cannock, and Midenhall trousers, and Zenithian leggings.
  19. A slew of games at the moment. Assassin's Creed II for the PS3: only just got to the Villa Auditore, so I'm not too far into it. The Sly Collection: platinum'ed Sly 1 but haven't yet started on Sly 2. Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light: playing as Aire/Yunita in Liberte at the moment, gotta go to the Pirate Hideout. Nostalgia: the one I've been most actively playing at the moment, heading to the base at Mt. Fuji, love the old school feel to it, very... nostalgic, same thing with 4 Heroes of Light. Coming next month though, I'll have DQVI, Ys I & II Chronicles, Tactics
  20. Me too a few days ago, last DQVC exclusive item I needed. Haven't bothered checking DQVC since then as I'm not really interesting in collecting multitudes of DQVC exclusives, but I will be back on it Friday.
  21. Ah-ha, another chance to get sharp shades, as they didn't roll around the previous TWO attempts. Other than that, I have everything else unique to DQVC at the moment, so hopefully in the next 6 days (didn't get them this morning) they will pop up on my shop list.
  22. Yeah I beat it too last night and started replaying to unlock everything. Also, add The Sly Collection to my list of currently playing as of tomorrow.
  23. Alternating between Fallout: New Vegas (need to go to Boulder City but doing some exploring and questing) and Ys: The Oath in Felghana (at the Elderm Mountains)
  24. Ugh, count me in for sharp shades that aren't on the list, as the 2 weeks it's been available I failed to obtain them.
  25. Is there anything exclusive to DQVC this week? Just wondering, this sale doesn't seem that good.
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