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  1. Its kind of bad when you consider VIII and IX both did over 2 million in their first weeks. http://andriasang.co...n268/dqx_debut/ Not really, considering one is an MMO and the others are not. That's like comparing units sold of FFXI, the most profitable FF, to FFVII. For comparison, FFXI sold 70k it's first week in Japan, and as I stated, over all that is the most profitable FF. DQX selling 6 times that amount is no slouch. For MMO releases it's not about units sold, but more or less monthly subscription fees and how profitable it is for the company. DQX is a long term i
  2. Is there user wacky or is there an actual offline mode aside from the intro? http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/955322-dragon-quest-x/63416066 And if so, how long is it?
  3. A slew of games at the moment. Assassin's Creed II for the PS3: only just got to the Villa Auditore, so I'm not too far into it. The Sly Collection: platinum'ed Sly 1 but haven't yet started on Sly 2. Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light: playing as Aire/Yunita in Liberte at the moment, gotta go to the Pirate Hideout. Nostalgia: the one I've been most actively playing at the moment, heading to the base at Mt. Fuji, love the old school feel to it, very... nostalgic, same thing with 4 Heroes of Light. Coming next month though, I'll have DQVI, Ys I & II Chronicles, Tactics
  4. Yeah I beat it too last night and started replaying to unlock everything. Also, add The Sly Collection to my list of currently playing as of tomorrow.
  5. Alternating between Fallout: New Vegas (need to go to Boulder City but doing some exploring and questing) and Ys: The Oath in Felghana (at the Elderm Mountains)
  6. If it's accepted will post DQIV/DQV later, but DQIX and DSi!
  7. I did purchase DQIV and DQV DS day one from SE, but wasn't an avid poster at Dragon's Den until recently.
  8. Can you transfer pictures from a DSi to a PC? I'll use my new DSi to post my picture if that's the case.
  9. Me too. I wish the grand prize winners had gotten it Wednesday, I'm going through DQ withdrawal.
  10. Ah-ha, it'll be my first badge, and an easy one at that!
  11. is waiting on DQIX

  12. As if, they won't take the time to translate it or pay to use the fan translation of SD3 just so they can release it for a few bucks on the iPhone. Anyways, I have WotL on PSP, which is what the iPhone version is, a port of the PSP version, and I have Secret of Mana on the Virtual Console, so no thanks.
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