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  1. Dragon Quest Minecraft? Jesus Christ. This series has officially jumped the shark.


    And a rhythm game didn't do it, or an on-rails motion control game, or a board game, or Dynasty Warriors game, or a mystery dungeon game, or Monsters spin-offs, or the Battle Road fighting games, or a action adventure series with tanks, ships and a Slime protagonist, or a strategy RPG?


    Just saying, it's a fairly intriguing idea, and I'm more reminded of 3D Dot Game Heroes which was great, that game combined with say an in-depth Georama from the Dark Cloud games where you rebuild Alefgard, I can get behind.

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    Let's see how the naysayers try to explain that we're not getting them. ;)

    Here I am! :PI'm not believing this until there is more evidence.
     *claps* HAHAHAHAHA.  You want it written in stone, with a formal announcement, a trailer, and a release date set in stone.
    The only source is a tweet.

    To be fair, more than one person confirmed the DQ creator said that at Japan Expo.

    But still waiting on an actual announcement.



    Let's see how the naysayers try to explain that we're not getting them. ;)


    Here I am! :P

    I'm not believing this until there is more evidence.




    HAHAHAHAHA.  You want it written in stone, with a formal announcement, a trailer, and a release date set in stone.

    I still don't get my hopes up until that, yes.

    Been burned too many times.



    Holy poop, Tiael is posting again :).






    Ok, so Platty, about that cake?



    If it's released in Japan, which sure, has the most active fan base, sales would suggest that the UK and US buy more Dragon Quest games.  France for products all around, and cosplay...


    Oh, and for a certain someone who lurks here from time to time, but who thinks Horii is a dick who doesn't love his fans:  really now...he seems to be pretty damn open about talking to all fans, Western and Eastern alike...world wide fans period.  Yeah, I'd say the man honours the people who love his work, as any artist would.


    Anyway, Horii is awesome!Oh, and $#!&...I see no clickbait sites being used Drack.  NOT ONE.  It's all legit sites...lesser known sites picked it up, but if Siliconera picks it up, it's real.  If Nintendolife does, it's bloody real as well.  Siliconera is enough to satisfy me.

    Hey, this potential news and my love for the series can get me to do a lot.

    Granted, I've been lurking while not logged in for a while now.

  5. I can't help but laugh at all the clickbait sites saying it's "confirmed" for the West currently, or that "French had to be said because they were in Paris, France" and it's "really English" but... it's finally leaving Japan. And I doubt it'd be French/Japanese-only, that makes no sense.


    Likely Multi-5 (text-only, no non-English/Japanese voice acting) I guess.


    Is the conference over? Can we get more amazing goods from Horii?


    ...I did kind of joke around with a friend months ago that I would play through the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy if DQ7 was ever announced here. Hoping he doesn't remember that one.

    Did it even have voice acting in Japan? I don't think it did.

    So of course it'd be text only, unless SE went and did another DQVIII PS2 in the west.

  6. Here is the original source article:




    * The monsters you take into the random dungeon affect the tablets you find

    * "Streetpass" specifically evokes mention of local wireless (Tag mode).

    * No mention of NWFC on that source article at all.


    Did Siliconera get it wrong?


    There's this part in the translated article:


    The characters who live in town and immigration lithograph passing, seems to be able to exchange my Internet communication


    Near the bottom of it above the copyright.

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  7. http://andriasang.co...n268/dqx_debut/


    First week sales = 420,311


    Not bad


    Its kind of bad when you consider VIII and IX both did over 2 million in their first weeks.




    Not really, considering one is an MMO and the others are not.

    That's like comparing units sold of FFXI, the most profitable FF, to FFVII.


    For comparison, FFXI sold 70k it's first week in Japan, and as I stated, over all that is the most profitable FF.

    DQX selling 6 times that amount is no slouch.


    For MMO releases it's not about units sold, but more or less monthly subscription fees and how profitable it is for the company.

    DQX is a long term investment.

  8. A slew of games at the moment.


    Assassin's Creed II for the PS3: only just got to the Villa Auditore, so I'm not too far into it.


    The Sly Collection: platinum'ed Sly 1 but haven't yet started on Sly 2.


    Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light: playing as Aire/Yunita in Liberte at the moment, gotta go to the Pirate Hideout.


    Nostalgia: the one I've been most actively playing at the moment, heading to the base at Mt. Fuji, love the old school feel to it, very... nostalgic, same thing with 4 Heroes of Light.


    Coming next month though, I'll have DQVI, Ys I & II Chronicles, Tactics Ogre, and probably Radiant Historia (gogo time traveling RPG's), really need to finish one of these titles I'm playing now soon to clear room.

  9. As if, they won't take the time to translate it or pay to use the fan translation of SD3 just so they can release it for a few bucks on the iPhone.


    Anyways, I have WotL on PSP, which is what the iPhone version is, a port of the PSP version, and I have Secret of Mana on the Virtual Console, so no thanks.

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