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  1. Yeah, Primrose joined my boy Olberic.

    I really like the unique skills they have too, Duel and Allure.

    It's nice finding a good NPC with a good skill and using them as support in battle. XD


    I wonder what skills the other characters will have, and if there's side characters you can recruit aside from the main 8.

  2. This practically screams SaGa. A shame Kawazu isn't working on it (he really needs to be given a decent budget title, I know the recent ps vita saga is supposed to be alright but it looks as budgety as hell) but I actually have faith in Square Enix for this. I especially love this "hd 2d" artstyle. It looks like how ps1 games looked in my memory as kids if that makes sense. I'm definitely going to download the demo.

    Definitely gives me a Frontier vibe.

    Shame Scarlet Grace won't be localized, though.

  3. Hopefully they've learned their lessons from Legend of Legacy. At least they have the Suikoden writer dude, maybe he'll spruce the story up. Multiple characters are always a good thing, I just hope that they are decently fleshed out.

    From what I've read, there's more of an actual story, and the characters are fleshed out.

    Though I enjoyed TLoL, the player was more the character in that, just exploring the island.


    Battle system is similar with random stat gains and awakening skills, but as far as I'm aware no need to spam Contracts.

  4. They're a different team and director, Kawauzu.

    And they just recentlyish did SaGa Scarlet Grace.


    I think it'd be neat if it's some prequel to the Bravely games, there's some potential connections in the demo.

    Or just Easter eggs, either way.

    Music is good too.

  5. Ys VIII is a good step though, has double jump and other platforming based on what I played of the demo.

    Full game is here, but I haven't popped it in yet ;;

    I just enjoyed solo Adol kicking ass XD

  6. Iggy, both Mask of the Sun and Dawn of Ys are considered 4 (until MoC became the canon, only Falcom developed release)

    Ys 5 is Kefin, Lost Kingdom of Sand on SFC and Taito did a PS2 remake, also the last officially unlocalized Ys overseas.

    And it doesn't use a bump system.

    Hoping since 3 and 4 got remakes by Falcom, 5 is next.



    Anyways, can't wait for VIII tomorrow, plus my physical copy of Origins should be coming from LRG in the future.

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