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  1. ignasia7 needs mayo badly! Tiael shot the mayo.
  2. *makes a tasty ham sammich then proceeds to lob a jar of Miracle Whip like a grenade*
  3. What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets. But enough talk… Have at you!
  4. We...can still be friends. Miracle Whip still makes better deviled eggs.
  5. I was a Miracle Whip kid, though I do like Helmanns mayo.
  6. That would have been great to see. Little sick Healix, only mainline games can save you now. Yeah, that crap I don't care for as well as what Dwaine mentioned.
  7. Drugs, alcohol and rock 'n' roll. You bastard. I'll never be the same. Already!? Well it's not an official release, PachiQue Next or w/e is inspired/ripped off it. But DQ has been "whored" out, I wouldn't be surprised at seeing one nor would it detract from my enjoyment of the series. Not getting localizations on the other hand..
  8. I've seen this argued a lot. Sure there are fringe elements, and sure there are some very vocal minorities. However, two things: 1) Why do you let a small vocal minority of fringe people define the whole gamer culture? If you pay close attention to arguments 100% of the time it is a very small group of people repeating the same things over and over again. The concept is to create shock and awe, then to make people feel overwhelmed as though it is a common sentiment and they should feel ashamed of not participating on the same level as these less-savory fringe people. Don't let that de
  9. Define "normal". Yeah.. it's melted cheese between two pieces of bread. Not sure how that constitutes as disgusting. But no, no ketchup here. And if I add some type of meat/other topping I wouldn't call it a grilled cheese, and call it a grilled ham and cheese sandwich or some such.
  10. I mean hey, GameFAQs was where I met ignasia, and also one of my closest online friends who is also a DQ fan. So it's not that bad. Well, ignasia may not be all that positive... XD Wretched hive of scum and villainy.
  11. I still talk like people on GameFAQs, but I'm not seeking out the toxicity. There's still some good people on the DQ and Tales boards among others, even the FF boards. I'll just bypass the ones who are poisonous and talk to the ones that have something worthwhile to say.
  12. I do think it's a bit overpriced for what it includes, but I am getting it as a late birthday gift so not spending my money on it. And I'll wear that slime lanyard and slime keychain proudly.
  13. I do post on the FB page a lot, but I'm generally ribbing and good natured. And try to bring something up in relation to what they post. Like Nera's magic and if it's powerful enough to localize mainline DQ games. Or the person who brought up "Who?" about Nera, when we've gotten DQV on DS and mobile. I posted in reply to them. Some people are just silly.
  14. There we go. It's a bit dark but yeah. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. And my mainline DQ on mobile is complete! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  16. Four. Four problems. 4. It's a Japanese exclusive. 99 problems and Final Fantasy ain't one. Problem #100 - FFXII Slander.
  17. Four. Four problems. 4. It's a Japanese exclusive. 99 problems and DQ being exclusive is one.
  18. Yeah, I figured I'd knock out the 6 I have so posted in those as well. Not sure how to minimize the pic though, but hey it's not so bad.
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