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  1. 3DS physical, mobile at much later date or when on sale, iOS.
  2. Ah Blue Bunny, good stuff. So glad I can find it in the NE. Anyways, another hour and 45 minutes then my 3 day weekend starts! Some FFXIV, some DQ(III), some FFX now that they patched the PS4 version, some cuddles with my gf. All in all not a bad weekend.
  3. Not surprising there, with Amazon Prime shipping. I would have cancelled my SE Store one if I was still a Prime member and they had the DQIII outfits. Really do like the main character's design, but I'm also replaying DQIII on my iPad so it's sticking with me.
  4. Available at other retailers now such as Amazon and Gamestop.com Keep in mind the DQIII outfits look like they are a pre-order bonus for the SE Store only, and GS also has it listed at $119.99..
  5. Platty, Platty, he's our man. If he can't do it nobody can.
  6. Beetlejuice, still an awesome movie. Michael Keaton has always been fantastic.
  7. Not really surprising, we knew DQVII was coming to iOS/Android for Japan back when they announced DQI-DQVIII were in 2013. Everything else has already released, now it's DQVII's time.
  8. And we're either getting both versions or none. Not when localization costs are the thing holding it back in general, they aren't going to localize it and not use it wherever they can. They sure as hell won't recoup costs if they only localized mobile.
  9. That's still bad enough. There are just some things you do not mix. It's like people who dip their fries in ice cream...putting aside the diabetic coma you're asking for, how can you stomach something so sweet and cold on something so salty and hot? Ew. Perhaps because, somethings that seem like they won't work when combined, do, and sometimes render a superior product. Dipping Wendies fries in a Vanilla Frosty is really tasty. Try it before you slam it. You never know how you'll feel about it. I think I'll try a Grilled Cheese with Ketchup today. Any preferences on cheese ty
  10. I once partook in vanilla ice cream with mustard and ketchup. I don't know why.
  11. That's cause they uh, have 2 different ones? This one is over 4000. https://m.youtube.com/watch?ebc=ANyPxKqErPBkw_U0Q0THfXKAKwOEwQJQ8mVieLgJSVs6h579--eD63CE7BC0IQFuDOvfjtQmMUEgCxGiSRO8zUqXgKg8frcmZA&v=4wnCFZy2blc
  12. It's about time for my yearly Zelda marathon, my second favorite series after DQ. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. I'm not shitting on the game just to be an $#!&$#!. I just believe in being fair to a game and recognizing its flaws and merits. Well, firstly, the controls in both of those games were just utterly abysmal. I realize it was relatively early in the DS' life and they were trying to innovate with controls, but the controls are just broken because you have to use the stylus for everything, including walking. In my opinion, A Link Between Worlds found the best roles for the stylus and directional buttons. That said, I don't have very many problems with Phantom Hourglass. It was fun
  14. Eh, I liked both PH and ST. ST moreso, but they aren't as bad as people make them out to be. Issues, sure, like the Temple of the Ocean King and having to redo floors in PH (at least ST let you bypass previously completed areas with the Tower of Spirits) and the Spirit Flute not working all that well in ST. I also felt the touch screen controls were well done and fairly intuitive.
  15. And already mentioned, but I wonder who they'll get for Psaro when they add him and his scenario as free DLC. Plus there's some Terry DLC and others that add new bosses.
  16. Hey, a thread I can get behind. The Rising event started in FFXIV: ARR today for the 2 year anniversary, the last one tugged at my feels and with the Answers playing in the background in that slow, haunting theme got me a little verklempt. After work I'll be doing that, then probably play some more DQIII Mobile. Going to redo my team and give them desired personalities as I was too tired when I started (aside from the Hero who I'll just give a personality book too as I'm not restarting) Hero, the caster who will be Priest/Mage/Sage, then "damage dealer" Warrior/Martial Artist and the su
  17. Hey I've been looking forward to it since it was a Japanese exclusive, just wish the first game had MP and some DQVII representation. At least DQH2 is remedying that with 4 player MP and Maribel. I just want to see some mainline games too and not basing the future of the series in the west on a spin-off that plays completely different.
  18. We don't know, she hasn't confirmed or denied anything and no credits have been given yet. From what I can hear it sorta sounds like her though it could be a sound-alike. Keep in mind even Yangus could sound different as well even though Ricky Grover confirmed he was recording lines for DQH months ago, the original game was almost 10 years and people age and voices may change. And at least with DQVIII you can turn the BGM down and voices up or w/e from the in-game menu, you can't with the video.
  19. Yeah the music is a bit loud at points especially during Bianca, though from what I can hear of the others I like them.
  20. Hey, he had something sweet and salty before I shot the mayo. The timeline of events doesn't work!
  21. Unfortunate timing on that one. Was more mimicking (Name) shot the food from Gauntlet.
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