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  1. He is, or was, but due to time constraints cut. But then is due to CTDS pretty much implying it with the new ending.
  2. I wouldn't mind it. Make it like the Tales Grade shop, which is similar to the above example.
  3. They gain Star Level stats, but not the minor level ups/stat gains inbetween. And the minor level ups/stat gains reset with each star level and you'll miss those from the previous star level, so I usually try to swap frequently between my active roster inbetween bosses to capitalize on the stat gains for those I may not use a lot.
  4. 1 of 3 who you take to the manor. Nikki, Guile and Pierre.
  5. Cough cough Pierre. Granted, I like Nikki's route too but really not a fan of the cliffs for Guile, but you'll end up doing them all anyways with a few more play-throughs.
  6. Happy birthday iggy! It feels like I've known you for a long time. Granted, it has been a while since that fateful day on GameFAQs many moons ago.
  7. I just find CC more enjoyable, from the world, the music, the characters, the story and even the gameplay. I love the turn based and elements system. Don't get me wrong, Trigger and Cross are two sides of the same coin and actively take up one slot in my top list. Both are exceptional experiences.
  8. After that part, you'll know it when you see it. Anyways, I also love CC more than CT, though both combined are in my top 10 RPGs.
  9. As already mentioned it's Setsuna, they said during their live stream. That's fine by me, I want to see more. As it is now I'm in love with the music we've heard, the ATB, the CT-esque techs such as XStrike, the artstyle and the brief snippets we've seen of the world. Very old school feel.
  10. It'll be FFXII HD iggy. Well, maybe not. But I just don't see it being DQVII 3DS for the west, from TGS even.
  11. Like banana chocolate foster pancakes, with rum made whipped cream.
  12. Yes they are. Banana chocolate chip, chop chop.
  13. You'll owe me some pancakes when it does in one form or another, whether 3DS or mobile or both. And thanks everyone, was a good day yesterday. Homemade chicken fettuccine alfredo from the gf.
  14. I'll take pancakes from you Platty if it comes out west in any form.
  15. Probably them having to take a copy and lower the quality since yet again SE region locks the one on YouTube.
  16. Also uses random encounters unlike the 3DS version. But I'm still saying we're not going to get mobile only, since it's the same localization across both. It's either both versions in the west (staggered or otherwise) or neither, since they would have to spend money and time to localize it either way.
  17. If he's a Sage they get all Mage and Priest spells.
  18. Good to hear, makes me look forward to release in the west more next month. And makes me look forward to DQH2 even more, plus adding one of my favorite characters from my favorite DQ (Maribel) and multi-player makes it a win win.
  19. Pep That $#!& Up â„¢
  20. Castle surrounded by mountains, fairly easy to spot. Also houses a mini medal in the patch of light in the north part of the castle.
  21. I've still yet to beat Baramos, but just reclassed my team and working on getting them to 30+ before I do. Only gonna reclass once for 2 characters (Priest-Sage and Warrior into Martial Artist) but my Merchant-Gadabout (for Whistle) will be ending at Thief.
  22. Also called the Sphere of Light in the mobile release.
  23. I still pull out my GB and GBC, NES, SNES, Genesis. More than I do my iPad.
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