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  1. GameFAQs and Dragon's Denning while I "work", well, I am working. It's just I can't do much waiting for photos and posters to print.
  2. I don't remember a Lucky Pot, think that may be another name for the forget-me-not pot, which does the same thing.
  3. I'm happy with my N3DSXL. Now if only I had some DQ to play on it that isn't a backwards compatible DS game.
  4. Don't forget that Forget-Me-Not Pot, you can equip it on any character and the kills they get count for Sprigg's dopplegangs. Treasure in a later dungeon, think around the start of disc 2. Can also steal from Peppor at Isle of the Damned.
  5. I wasn't talking about the reason it's PS4 only in the west, but rather it coming in general to the west. That wasn't Sony. Sure, they convinced SE after the decision was made to localize it, but Sony isn't localizing it, publishing it. They did the same thing with SO5. I'm sure they tried with Atlus/Sega and Persona 5, and Bamco with Tales of Zestiria too.
  6. SE is localizing it, they also hired the VA (and got Yangus back, not sure if Jessica is the same) SE is publishing it too.
  7. Yet we're getting DQH. 3DS games aren't coming, get over them after 9 titles. 3DS also has a lot more units in Japan than PS4 does. $20?
  8. Uhh, no it's really not certain. And if we get one version, we'll likely get both. If they go through the trouble of localizing the game then they'll try to sell it on as many systems as possible.Unless you're privy to some kind of Square Enix inside info then you don't know if its certain any more than the rest of us do. Sent from my SGH-I317 using Tapatalk It is though, there would be no point to a PS4 version only in Japan.And sure, both versions, but SE. I'll make a little wager with you.
  9. DQXI will release on the PS4 in the west, that's for certain. 3DS version, probably not.
  10. Pssh. Pip is nice, don't think you can perma miss him. Need the life sparkle then bring to the pool at Viper Manor for NeoFio too I believe. It's been a while though. The beebas suck. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Yep, Yasunori Mitsuda outdid himself, definitely can say it's his best OST that I've heard.
  12. SE Store charges early, mine was also charged. But it won't ship until near release. They do it now so they can get copies out near release and in a more timely manner (and put copies back up for sale if cards don't clear) There's been no indication of shipping early in either of the emails I got. They did the same thing with my Heavensward CE. Charged me early, got notification emails about it, but I didn't get it until release date and they shipped out a few days before that.
  13. And I know there's some games out there if you beat it on a lower difficulty NG+ is only available for that and those lower, you can't carry over stuff to make a higher difficulty easier.
  14. I know lolKotaku, but this needs to be an actual thing. http://kotaku.com/the-closest-thing-to-a-new-star-trek-game-1732769255
  15. Oh, you know me... You saw that, huh. Before I edited it? Now you must be assimilated!! Phasers set to kill.
  16. I still say a Tales like grade-shop option which you earn points for throughout the game. Can carry over levels, money, skills learned, also can get things like Double XP/Money, Hit 4 X harder but so do the enemies, carry over items, increased crit. But you have to pick and choose what you want to carry over based on how well you did the last play-through earning grade, as opposed to everything carrying over like the aforementioned Chrono titles or other games with NG+
  17. Probably something more like Chrono Trigger/Cross/etc. Carry over levels/equipment/skills learned, so on. Or like Tales where you can pick the options you want to carry over, plus things like Double XP/Double money, increased enemy levels.
  18. The post so nice he posted it twice? Or the Borg assimilated him. Resistance is futile Platty.
  19. The Legend of Legacy demo is fun. Definitely get the SaGa vibe from it, minimalistic story more reliant on the world and the lore, gameplay first, RNG leveling/use attacks more to "spark" a new attack, some difficulty. Good ole RPG.
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