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  1. And they say the same thing every few months. http://www.gamerampage.net/all/square-enix-understands-fan-outcry-for-localization-of-dragon-quest Blah blah, more action, less words. If you do localize more DQ games, actually advertise them.
  2. I've got the lanyard attached to my keys and those go with me everywhere. Same as the keychain.
  3. They're a Nintendo fanboy.
  4. Likewise. Nice of SE to finally notify us, even if it's a day late...
  5. Reviews are mixed, still 74 on Metacritic. I'm not surprised by the split, the style isn't for everyone. Anyways, got my gorgeous launch edition and the art book is great. I just haven't played it yet due to DQH XD And I think the constant BD comparisons are silly. Chibi artstyle and turn based are not unique to Bravely. And for chrissakes Bravely Second is coming next year, $#!& off people. Learn more about the game in general instead of $#!&@ing about how it's not like a completely different game.
  6. 1) Go to the Square Enix Store 2) Go to "My Account" on the top right 3) Go to the "My Orders" tab 4) Click on "view" for your DQH order 5) Click "unlock activation code" Copy the generated code into PSN, and it will unlock the costumes.
  7. And when the gf wants to play PS4 I'll play TLoL, it's good. But DQH I've been waiting for longer. I'll just do my usual stuff on FFXIV first.
  8. Dragon Quest Heroes and The Legend of Legacy today, Tales of Zestiria in a week! What do I start with tonight? ... Heroes it is.
  9. Well, FFXI has been paid for 10+ years and FFXIV: ARR over 2. But like you I don't see a DQ MMO having that sustainability.
  10. http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1123164 Apparently there was an interview in the latest Game Informer. SE, just ugh.
  11. Music is nice. Hamauzu did it who co-composed some FFX, all of FFXIII (one of the good things, though I had fun with the games) and co-composed FFXIII-2/LR, SaGa Frontier 2, Unlimited SaGa and Sigma Harmonics among other games so I figured it'd be good. And yeah the sound effects/musical cues, Filmia is great. Though Jean is still best frog prince.
  12. Yeah the SaGa style of game isn't for everyone, and people like the reviews are split. Filmia with Liberl and Bianca, though I'll probably start fresh when the game releases. Shame it's same day as DQH, though I'll manage both and Tales of Zestiria the following week.
  13. Yeah as all SE store preorders whether CE or D1 said comes with the costumes.
  14. I've spent 20 hours on the demo, with one character path. I'll easily squeeze 50+, repeat with 6 other characters and NG+. I love the SaGa feel of it.
  15. They already spoiled him in the blog post about the DLC. http://na.square-enix.com/us/blog/dragon-quest-heroes-social-diary-4-dlc-episodes-free
  16. Bianca and Nera are sounding good too. The first video with the dub was horrible quality and you could hardly hear the characters.
  17. Yeah I'm gonna use the crater trick when I do it, got a No Encounters armor from a Ghost so that'll help. Also got the 5 chests at Remiem Temple trophy the day before I went after the Sun Sigil one, that was fun..
  18. Vandal Online - 8/10 http://www.vandal.net/analisis/ps4/dragon-quest-heroes-el-infortunio-del-rbol-del-mundo-y-la-raiz-del-mal/25974 Polygon - 8/10 http://www.polygon.com/2015/10/8/9324119/dragon-quest-heroes-review-world-trees-woes-blight-below-ps4-playstation-4
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