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  1. Nay, it's cause I started up Dragon Warrior VII on my PS1 last night!
  2. Wonder about the mobile release. A year or so after 3DS?
  3. I know. In that case, screw you! Mwahaha
  4. No, I won't make people eat crow. They were rightfully hurt by the lack of news and as the months went on it got worse. This is a place of much joy and celebration.
  5. I love you all. Hurray for Dragon Quest!

    1. ignasia


      Me too bro, me too. Much love Tiael. I would squeeze each of you till you popped right now. Damnit, where's a girl to just bend over and kiss right now?

  6. See, iggy? You can never go. This time I will thank SE and Nintendo from the bottom of my soul. Where is Platty?
  7. Yeah more Graces with the A-Arte tree, though the Armatization is a sort of linking type deal which is reminiscent of Xillia titles. Set party, 2 humans, 2 seraphs, you can switch between seraphs during battle and "fuse" with the one of the right element you want, combines stats, gives you their Hidden and Seraphic Artes, which gives you a somewhat overpowered character, though nothing like Ludger from Xillia 2. Also the three types of artes have a rock, paper, scissors type of deal, whereas Martial Artes (A-Artes) are quicker and interrupt Seraphic Artes, Hidden Artes are slower but prev
  8. We're all upset and angry, I have been with how SE treats DQ for years now. I try and stay positive, but as you said the window is closing and they just don't care. You've never come off as offensive or abusive here. Passionate, sure, but we all are. We just want more DQ games overseas. You're not poisonous, you're not offensive, you're not abusive, you're just a DQ fan feeling the pain from SE and the lack of releases overseas. I still hold out some slight hope for DQVII and DQVIII 3DS, but we have at least had those titles in their original forms, as much as I'd like to play the rem
  9. No leaving us. And I saw what you wrote, why edit it? It wasn't offensive or anything of the sort.
  10. A "good" FF 13 port... Does such a thing even exist? (I actually think FF 13 is okay and I think I like it more than FF 10 lol). The original, but I liked it myself. I wouldn't mind a trilogy remaster with all DLC, but that's for another time and place.
  11. DQH may or may not be a crappy PC port, and as mentioned previously could be also based on the PS3 release. But the more audience the better, maybe they'll end up localizing more DQ titles after all.
  12. Wasn't that a pretty crappy port?
  13. Just saying, I wouldn't be surprised if SO5 and FFXV ended up coming to Steam a year after release, if at all. I'd say Type-0 and DQH had more of a chance popping up on Steam being spin-offs. But for DQXI I would bet my left ass cheek that Sony has some exclusivity contract in play for that version of the game, at least for a period.
  14. Maybe, though it could be more KT pushing for a Steam release.
  15. Fun title. Can't wait for The Last Guardian.
  16. Two-face.I'm not really sure what it could be a metaphor for. I don't think Gus was any more two-faced than any of the other criminal characters on that show. Believe me, there is/are a TON of symbolism and metaphors in this show. The Breaking Bad subreddit has them all archived by now, I'm sure. Sent from my MotoPod Probably just talking about appearance wise, Hector's wheelchair, boom, face, straightens tie.
  17. It's not coming â„¢ Anyways, I'll be leaving work around when it starts, so I'll have to see what Amiibo and other games they announce when I get home.
  18. Between playing Tales of Zestiria and FFXIV (3.1 came out a few days ago, pretty fun so far)
  19. That's for digital sales (PS Store) only, physical ones are probably higher, also only way to get the CE.
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