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  1. Tiael

    Ys VIII

    Up to you, you'd be missing out on the supressions, night dungeons, some Dana dungeon(s) though.
  2. Tiael

    Ys VIII

    Oh, and the PS4 version has extra dungeons and content not in the Vita version.
  3. Tiael

    Ys VIII

    Keep in mind you can customize the controls any way you want it, I think the demo has it available too.
  4. Tiael

    Ys VIII

    Not really an over exaggeration, it's like they ran the text thru Babelfish then did minor editing. Awkward dialogue and pauses, stiff sounding characters, but yes names are the worst. Like Archeozic Big Hole.. And compared to XSEED it's like night and day. At least they're attempting to fix it.
  5. Well, it was unknown, and FF was in at the time, so yep. Least they went with SaGa for the later PS1 titles in the west, though we missed the Romancing SaGa trilogy on SNES (at least until remakes and mobile for 1/2) A damn shame, those 3 are stellar.
  6. Ah, FF Legend, actually the start SaGa series but called FFL in the west. Anyways, Ys VIII I think I'm nearing the end of, and also playing Battle Chasers: Nightwar, fun indie turn based RPG based on a comic series from the 90's. Was a Kickstarter title.
  7. Well..duh.. That makes a lot more sense XD So are the fencers useless without those other classes then?
  8. Do I need to beat the demo to access mine? Anyways, I winged it, Botanist, Dragoon, Necromancer, the Samurai class and the class that has access to like flame slash, though it's not seemingly working. I'm so lost, but I'll get used to it.
  9. Did download the demo, just to try it out. I'm not sure I'll necessarily carry over this data. That said, damn there's a lot of races and classes now, not sure how to set up my team XD I just winged it for now. EO as a whole is still relatively new to me, and considering the last I've played was the original EO1, there's a lot of changes.
  10. No, but I haven't been able to pull myself away from Ys VIII. May just hold off until it comes out.
  11. Oh Yangus, you'll be proud of me. I pre-ordered EOV!
  12. Sigh, Vegas tragedy and then Tom Petty, what's next? :(

  13. Thanatos, though you don't know his full name until later.
  14. Anyone seeing this next weekend? Really stoked for it, loved the first and I've heard stellar praise and impressions for the new one. Gonna rewatch the first tonight for a warm up.
  15. More Ys VIII, like the ability to bounce between Adol and Dana. Also the stuff she does has an effect on Adol's adventure. Reminds me of the Laguna sequences in FFVIII having an effect on Squall's reality. Plot wise, made it to Eternia and found "T".
  16. Ys VIII. Gotta find some orichalcum to craft weapons that are able to defeat Ancient Species. Just got Ricotta in my party.
  17. Tiael

    Ys VIII

    Damn, this game is gonna be long. At 25 hours and just finished chapter 2, sad face at events that just transpired. Anyways, now I'm playing as Dana, and this chick has a double jump adventure gear. Screw you, hooker, Adol doesn't have that yet ;;
  18. The airships leave behind trails in the skies, though SC has more to do with the name. Also, Olivier sings this: Brightly shooting stars, leaving trails in the skies... Like a guiding light, they show me the way to your eyes... This yearning passion, tears my heart in twain... And the cruel moon mocks my pain... If this fleeting dream shall never be... A single wound will remain in my heart for all to see... Our passionate first and final kiss... Your tears to me are an amber bliss... Let us immure this eternal love... The characters are the brightly shooting stars. Metaphorically, t
  19. I'm expecting a PS4 release announcement as well, maybe not immediately, but I think it will happen. Their site differentiates between exclusives, but this is simply called an HD release, no mention of Switch exclusivity.
  20. And Excalibur II. Anyways, I'll probably be grabbing it this week while its $16.79, one of my favorite FF titles. Plus I like the PS4 theme it comes with.
  21. Tiael

    Yakuza series

    I beat the main story, and only coming in at like 47.5% completion XD Also, $#!& you Jingu, Shimano and all your ilk. Holy $#!& the sequence at the end, between Jingu and his dick super MIA, and helicopters shooting $#!&ing rockets at me. Also, $#!& guns, I still don't have a reliable way to deal with them, nor equipment to not stagger every goddamn shot. And that final duel with Nishi, good god. I hadn't done Majima Everywhere enough, since he went into healing mode and I apparently
  22. But is it each character can just recruit the others without any bearing on their own story, or is it a convergence point for all characters stories and paths and it follows one storyline from that point? You could recruit some other main characters in Frontier as well as side characters, but it had no bearing on their own story.
  23. Well, Live a Live, yes, but we don't know if their paths will converge like in the final chapter, or if they'll all have separate campaigns, complete with their own final boss and ending(s). Being able to recruit other characters in one characters scenario gives me more of a SaGa Frontier vibe. Each character had their own story to tell, characters that intercrossed, their own goal, and their own final boss and ending, in the same world and around the same time-frame. There was no "gather together" chapter. So until we know more on whether they'll meet up, like Live a Live last chapt
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