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  1. Such a slacker, meant to post when you PMed me on GameFAQs the other day but I get easily distracted lol.

    Most things I'd suggest are already covered, but I'll throw a few more in.

    The Ratchet and Clank reboot/remake is fun as hell and I hope they do Going Commando next.


    Tokyo Xanadu eX+, from Falcom. Gameplay similar to Ys, but in a setting akin to Persona /Trail of Cold Steel, they even reused assets from the latter.

    Speaking on that, if they ever release the PS4 versions of Cold Steel/2 overseas, get those, and Cold Steel 3/4 whenever they come west.


    The two South Park RPG titles if you like SP.


    Lastly, but not least, Lost Sphear next month, it's the team who did I Am Setsuna, but improves some of the issues some had with IAS.

    There is a demo of it available, though it throws you in at a random spot of the game.


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    With the first two now coming to PS4, plus the recently released CS3, and now the fourth game being announced for PS4, maybe I really should get around to playing CS1 on Vita.

    I saw this news earlier. Part of me is curious to check the games out on PS4, but at the same time I wasn't drawn into Trails in the Sky.
    I wish the PSP Legend of Heroes games got a nice HD upgrade for PS4. Not necessarily because they're better than any of the Trails games (I highly doubt they are, even though I've not played a Trails title), but because they're what came before, and I'd love to see people exposed to them. If you're curious, those titles are:

    The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermilion

    The Legend of Heroes: Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch

    The Legend of Heroes: Song of the Ocean.

    Yeah, they're not linked to the Trails series, but they were fun.

    They'd need some work though, since they originally came out on the NEC PC-8801 and 9801 and it shows on PSP.

    Plus they could use a better localization then Bamco did for the PSP versions.

    Also, fun fact, Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch is the first game in the Gagharv trilogy, followed by Vermillion then Ocean.

    But due to some funny numbering business due to weird release schedules, Vermillion appears as the first game in the trilogy for the west.


    Also, hopefully XSEED gets CSIII out for next year, and I hope they do the PS4 versions of I and II, with presumably the PC translation and other extras, as it adds around 50% voice acting, and fast forward mode.

  3. I am enjoying FF14 a lot. I picked a lancer, so I can turn into a dragoon later, which has always been one of my favorite jobs in the series (if not favorite). Very typical of me that I would choose this, becouse as I found out later, apperantly the stereotype for dragoons is that they die a lot, becouse some of their moves lock them in place. A lot of dragoon players don't seem to time this right. This has become a big meme in the community. But, I'll stick with it and try to get good at it.

    But yeah, I am having a really good time. Not only is it a fantastic MMORPG, it is also a fantastic final fantasy game. This is what I want from the singleplayer games as well tbh. It pays tribute to older final fantasy games a lot, and it sticks with the classic technologic/medieval setting, but it still feels very unique. And like I said, it is also a fantastic MMORPG, so the gameplay part is also great.

    I find it very interesting that this game is sandwiched between FF13 and 15, which were both pretty bad in their own way (and that is a very polite way of saying this compared to how I really feel), but I guess FF14 started out like that as well before Yoshi-P came in to save the day.

    Dragoon death or solo was a meme in FFXI too.

    I was one in FFXI and been a lancer since ARR started, though the only time I die a lot is in pvp XD

    And yes, based Yoshida.


    Had a costume contest with my FC yesterday for Halloween, I glamoured up to look like Erdrick of DQIII.

    Complete with wind up Brickman, and slime earrings to seal the deal.

    I'll post a screen here later.


    But yeah, I've gotta show my love for DQ too in FFXIV.

    Between one of my retainers having the king slime crown hat on in my yard, and my house being called the Quester's Rest, and parading the thug's mug, slime crown and golem minion around generally daily.

  4. Yeah, Ys is a great series.

    You can get Celceta for the Vita too.

    Origin as well.


    And I think the PSP versions of Felghana (recommended) and Seven, though the latter just hit Steam.

  5. Dana stuff reveals some stuff about the story.

    Also, interceptions are where you defend Castaway Village from attacks, suppression is where go and raid the monsters.


    1. Subjugation mode (you go and destroy enemy nest instead of them attacking your base)

    2. 60 FPS

    3.Sanctuary Dungeon (Past Dana timeline- the story explain more about the Great Tree of Life and Tree maiden).

    4. Dana style change (change between light, Earth and water).

    5. Past Dana equipments tradable at Dina trading post

    6. Dana's ultimate weapon

    7. Post Dungeon (ruins of Sanctury Dungeon during Adol's timeline)


    5. Infinity Mode for NG+

    6. Ability to choose amount of party member (if you clear Post game Dungeon and received the medallion). So basically you can play as Adol alone on NG+

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