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  1. Such a slacker, meant to post when you PMed me on GameFAQs the other day but I get easily distracted lol. Most things I'd suggest are already covered, but I'll throw a few more in. The Ratchet and Clank reboot/remake is fun as hell and I hope they do Going Commando next. Tokyo Xanadu eX+, from Falcom. Gameplay similar to Ys, but in a setting akin to Persona /Trail of Cold Steel, they even reused assets from the latter. Speaking on that, if they ever release the PS4 versions of Cold Steel/2 overseas, get those, and Cold Steel 3/4 whenever they come west. T
  2. I liked Setsuna enough to where I preordered a physical copy of Lost Sphear from the SE Store for like $50. The demo was fun, and environments and soundtrack had more variety. Anyways, got Romancing SaGa 2 on Switch, it seemed like a nice fit for both the portable and home console aspect. And it was(is?) $19.99 for a period. Until the New Year maybe?
  3. Hope you enjoy. I picked up The Evil Within 2 for $25 myself today. Not bad since it came out a month ago, and I liked the first and wanted to get it.
  4. Yes, though keep in mind SaGa was the inspiration for The Legend of Legacy, there's a similar system of sparking/awakening new skills and stat gains.
  5. Vita release is coming west next month, and for other consoles. i think it'd fit perfect on the Switch. https://gematsu.com/2017/11/romancing-saga-2-ps-vita-consoles-launches-december-west
  6. http://www.siliconera.com/2017/11/19/valkyria-chronicles-4-announced-playstation-4-xbox-one-nintendo-switch/ Now I just wish 3 got localized for PSP.
  7. Not that there was anything wrong with HS, Haurchefant is the real bro. Each one focuses on centralized conflicts in those regions, like the Dragonsong War and the aftermath for HS, and the fight for freedom from the empire in Stormblood, both for Ala Mhigo and Doma.
  8. I liked it better, and keep in mind there's at least another year of updates for it.
  9. Tae is bae, but for my first playthrough all waifu are belong to me. Also, I loved the dungeons in P5, though I'm not against the random dungeons of earlier titles. But I just really enjoyed the gimmick each one had, plus they were well designed.
  10. Yeah, Heavensward really stepped it up even though ARR was nice. Stormblood even more so I found.
  11. Perfect Chronology is coming to NA February 13th, and EU February 16th. Looking forward to playing one of my favorite RPG with some new features and story.
  12. Started up Bioshock again via the Collection, just got to Neptune's Bounty. Definitely still very atmospheric as I remember, and fun as hell.
  13. I saw this news earlier. Part of me is curious to check the games out on PS4, but at the same time I wasn't drawn into Trails in the Sky.I wish the PSP Legend of Heroes games got a nice HD upgrade for PS4. Not necessarily because they're better than any of the Trails games (I highly doubt they are, even though I've not played a Trails title), but because they're what came before, and I'd love to see people exposed to them. If you're curious, those titles are:The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermilion The Legend of Heroes: Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch The Legend of Heroes: Song of the Ocean
  14. Here's a photo: Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. Dragoon death or solo was a meme in FFXI too. I was one in FFXI and been a lancer since ARR started, though the only time I die a lot is in pvp XD And yes, based Yoshida. Had a costume contest with my FC yesterday for Halloween, I glamoured up to look like Erdrick of DQIII. Complete with wind up Brickman, and slime earrings to seal the deal. I'll post a screen here later. But yeah, I've gotta show my love for DQ too in FFXIV. Between one of my retainers having the king slime crown hat on in my yard, and my house being called the Quester's Rest, and parading the thug's mug, slime
  16. There was a good chance it was a mainline one, given the teaser. That said, I can already hear the gnashing of teeth and tears from people who were 100% sure it'd be announced for PS4 too from this stream.
  17. Oh, and I like the little insert advertisement, considering it's games I'm already interested in buying. Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology, SMT Strange Journey Redux and The Alliance Alive. Well played Atlus.
  18. So I'm disregarding my demo progress entirely, since I didn't have much time to play anyways. What are some good race/class combos? Frontline, back line, end of the line, what have you.
  19. Generally when I order thru Amazon with Prime, I almost always get games on release day even with the free 2 day shipping option. I never pay for 1 day and there's only like 1 time I didn't get release day delivery.
  20. Hi Chris, your package will arrive: Tuesday, October 17th ON THE WAY Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond... Yay.
  21. Tiael

    Ys VIII

    Yeah, Ys is a great series. You can get Celceta for the Vita too. Origin as well. And I think the PSP versions of Felghana (recommended) and Seven, though the latter just hit Steam.
  22. Tiael

    Ys VIII

    Dana stuff reveals some stuff about the story. Also, interceptions are where you defend Castaway Village from attacks, suppression is where go and raid the monsters. 1. Subjugation mode (you go and destroy enemy nest instead of them attacking your base) 2. 60 FPS 3.Sanctuary Dungeon (Past Dana timeline- the story explain more about the Great Tree of Life and Tree maiden). 4. Dana style change (change between light, Earth and water). 5. Past Dana equipments tradable at Dina trading post 6. Dana's ultimate weapon 7. Post Dungeon (ruins of Sanctury Dungeon during Adol's timeline) 5
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