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  1. Etrian Odyssey X (Cross) announced. https://gematsu.com/2018/04/etrian-odyssey-x-announced-for-3ds About Adventurers all over the world. Gather in the flying city of “Maginia,” and aim for the treasure on the remote island in the distant sea. Under the decree of Princess Persephone, adventurers gathered in the flying city of “Maginia.” Wealth, honor, and possibly unknown adventure lies dormant in “Lemuria.” Keep your pride in your heart, and move forward—. A Crossover of Classes Create your party from 19 classes, including every class from previous E
  2. What about Bob? I'm nearing the end of Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology myself, definitely worth playing it again for the extra content.Voice acting is nice too. DS version was one of my favorite RPG on the system.
  3. It is the SE Store, you'll be paying at least $8 for the longest shipping, and $20 or more for the quickest. More for Canada.
  4. There's going to be a PS4 CE exclusive to the SE Store, but more info is coming soon. We don't know the contents, price, etc. Only thing we do know is the shipping will be expensive.
  5. So it seems Martina is Jade, Row is Rab(Rabert), Sylvia is Sylvando, and Homer is Jasper, according to Reddit.
  6. I'll be getting it, wanted it when it came out in Japan, but it was sold out quick.
  7. I wasn't referring to you, Iowan pleb! Bob kept saying publishing, especially in context to Radiant Historia. Sadly, not yet. I get overwhelmed lol.
  8. Whole bunch of #$*! on Netflix, but most recent was The Santa Clarita Diet season 2. Timothy Olyphant is freaking hilarious.
  9. Altus just doesn't publish great stuff, they develop too. Radiant Historia, Shin Megami Tensei, Persona, Etrian Odyssey are all developed by Atlus.
  10. PC 9801 too, but let's leave Satan out of the equation.
  11. First mainline game to get released on PC in the west, yes. First mainline single player game to get released on PC. But technically DQX does exist. XD
  12. According to US Gamer, zone system called Pep Points. And they say the Draconian Quest stuff is just the restricted play options like restricting equipment purchases, and the Shypox curse. But the SE press release lists Draconian stuff as new for the west alongside the redone UI, voice acting and dash, when it was sure as hell in the JP release, so I'm wondering if the article writer is confused. Thought I linked....here: https://www.usgamer.net/articles/dragon-quest-xi-is-engineered-to-try-and-woo-a-western-audience-again
  13. PS4 and Switch at a later date. Would buy 3DS too, but ah well.
  14. 3DS version isn't coming according to SE. Also, English VA, hard mode, etc.
  15. Already have had one for nearly a year. Zelda is one of my favorite series after DQ, so it was a no brainer. Also for MK8 Deluxe, DQ Builders, Super Mario Odyssey, and with things like DQB2, Ys VIII, SMTV, Octopath Traveler, Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition among others coming in the future.
  16. Still have my launch copy of the DS version, was one of my favorite DS games. Just got Perfect Chronology delivered. Looking forward to replaying this gem, perfect mode with the third timeline strewn throughout.
  17. Was waffling on double dipping due to having the PS4 version. Ultimately, I just ordered it this morning, so I'll miss the preorder part, but when it gets here I'll post a pic.
  18. Just keep in mind there's no physical copies of Second Chapter/The 3rd overseas, and The 3rd is also PC only. So I wouldn't advise just playing one without playing the latter ones, plus you can unlock things in latter games with save/clear data from earlier ones. Anyways, playing Tokyo Xanadu eX+
  19. Oh, Evil Within/2 are worth playing too.
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