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    4 on PS2 counting Tactics, which started off before Suikoden IV timeline wise but moves to stuff during that game and then after that game. All set in the same world with the main games, just different nations and time periods. Also Suikoden Tierkreis on DS and Woven Web of a Century on PSP, but not mainline games and the latter not localized. And some Gaiden games that take place between some games, unlocalized. Yeah, 2 in particular went for a lot, one of my favorite RPG. Konami in particular happened, now it's a pachislot game in Japan, when it's obvious there was
  2. Going through everyone for their first chapters, and Sunshade is the next town I visited to recruit Primrose and play her opening, after my main Therion, Alfyn then H'aanit.
  3. It took a few minutes of reloading, but I was able to get in around 4 EST.
  4. Did you ever get Shadow of Mordor? Just picked up the sequel, Shadow of War Gold Edition on Prime Day for $18 between sales and credits. First one was pretty fun, and I think they've gotten past the microtransactions bs that plagued the sequel, or will soon. c-c-c-ombo breaker?
  5. Feel like I'm so slow, but I am bouncing between this and my Free Company commitments in FFXIV :d just got my 4th character and working on their first chapter, Primose.
  6. Also, holy #$*! the music. Props to Yasunori Nishiki, who was unknown to me before this game. He's done some other games and animes, but OT put him on my map.
  7. I also still stand by my Tokyo Xanadu eX+ recommendation, and Falcom rarely disappoints. Also, yes on Octopath when you get a Switch, would be my favorite RPG of the year I think if it wasn't for DQXI in September. And I'm also recommending The Alliance Alive on 3DS, it's certainly refined over The Legend of Legacy, and it's got more of a narrative focus.
  8. I'm a bit all over. Started Therion, made my way to Alfyn at Clearbrook, did his first chapter. Went back to Bolderfall to do new path actions there, did some sidequests. Savescumming to steal 3% items. Now at H'aanit's village on her chapter 1, after which I'll go back to the towns/areas and Provoke everything. So much fun.
  9. On your list, I'd say DQH/2, DQH2/3DS RPG, SMTIV/Apocalypse, DQH2/PS4 game, Dark Souls, Radiant Historia or put it towards a Switch. And after a Switch, get DQ Builders and Ys VIII on that, which despite some technical hiccups I think is great.
  10. If it weren't for DQXI, this would end up being my favorite RPG this year.
  11. But did you get 1.0, boyo?! Also, might as well be married, been 10 years.
  12. Yo #$*!, I've been playing since ARR beta and my gf has a CE from 1.0 still, get on my level. XD
  13. Yet DQIX sold as well in the west. Or you know, try properly marketing.
  14. Likewise, I enjoyed Breaking Brick Mountains, and being able to get the King Slime Crown the second time around, but something new if they do an event. I mean hell, they had crossover events for Yokai Watch and one coming for Monster Hunter World, why not a DQXI event? Granted, there still hasn't been an FFXV event even though Lightning Returns got one and there's a few Type-0 hairstyles in-game. Also, why the hell are you not on Cactuar? Transfer immediately O;
  15. It adds up, especially when you memorize the layout. Can get 500k+ quickly.
  16. There's an Elliot omelet money making thing you can do later. The ingredients cost less than what you can sell it for. Just repetitive and a lot of button presses. Aside from that, sell sepith mass, and kill kill kill.
  17. Well, there's reasons Elliot is at Thors, mainly due to his father. You'll see. I think you can buy scopes at most item stores, also Emma has a Detector skill as well. Good, let the Falcom flow through you, both TLoH and Ys are pillars of my RPG life, looking forward to Ys VIII Switch and hoping it isn't a shoddy release like PC is. Will be replaying it then.
  18. Yeah, not everything will fill out, you can fight them more times, but it's recommended to use Battle Scopes/Detector if you want the trophy. Especially on bosses/rare enemies.
  19. Nice Yangus. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
  20. Yeah, there's the elemental sepith, used to make new Quartz, and unlock more paths on your orbment, if you have no need for them sell it. But I was constantly making new Quartz as I went through, on top of the ones you find. Then there's sepith mass, which only has the use of being converted to Mira.
  21. Yeah, Yokai Watch 3 Sushi and Tempura released in Japan in 2016. A third version, Sukiyaki, was released later.
  22. Yeah, it's definitely not the end, it'll probably move to Switch. Yokai Watch 4 is also Switch bound.
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