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  1. Sigh, Vegas tragedy and then Tom Petty, what's next? :(

  2. Aww yeah, Stranger Things season 2 confirmed for next year.

    1. gooieooie


      Excellent! EXCELLENT!

  3. Damnit...RIP Gene Wilder

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    2. ignasia


      What remake? There is only one Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie, and it's Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. What blasphemy is this you speak of Liam?

    3. Stepchan


      I just found out after I got off of work.

    4. mariosmentor


      Great. Just great. Now I'm thinking about Michael Jackson. Damn good music. Meh, I'm gonna go stalk a subreddit now.

  4. 2 weeks and a day until Cold Steel II. 3 weeks and 4 days until DQVII. 4 weeks and a day until SMTIV Apocalypse.

  5. Now DQVII can sit pretty in September (with SMTIV Apocalypse) and not have to deal with FFXV releasing 2 weeks later.

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    2. Tiael


      Because they're only hurting themselves.

      Thinking of it, it could also be Neo related, but it's all bullshit until we know otherwise.

      It wouldn't be the first time a game found a critical issue this close to release, remember DQIX?

    3. Tiael


      Anyways, regardless of w/e the reason was, this is a DQ forum and I'm merely praising DQVII for being free from the possibility of that releasing later in the month.


      I've already seen a few more DQ posts on the FFXV boards.

    4. ignasia


      I don't think we'll ever know. Though definitely, it is a positive, as it does not overshadow DQ7, and gives an opportunity for DQ7 pushes to see more attention from general SE fans, and fans of other SE series that aren't as familiar.

  6. And now Prince died...gah.

    1. hawkeye77o4


      2016 hates musical artists...

    2. ignasia


      Especially '80s pop wunders. Tragic day indeed.

    3. Megalosaro


      Between Bowie and now Prince, all the awesome flamboyant people are dying.


  7. Syracuse #FinalFourBound

    1. Tiael


      Men and women's teams!

    2. hawkeye77o4
  8. Bracket breaks even further, Michigan State.

    1. hawkeye77o4


      At least Syracuse won't have to play them! ;P

    2. Tiael
  9. Needs to be March 24th for Earthbound on N3DS already.

    1. RyuKisargi


      Coffee bar in Fourside! Woo.

  10. Star Wars in T-minus 2 hours and counting.

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    2. Tiael


      Spoilers. I kid.

      Amazing though. Now to go to bed and get up in 5 hours for work.

    3. ignasia


      Offer her chocolates...chicks dig chocolate.

    4. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      Mmmm... Chocolate... *drowning in saliva*

  11. I had a dream Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest VIII were announced for western release yesterday. It can't be real, can it? I'm still dreaming, aren't I? I don't want to ever wake up.

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    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      That's the wrong fry pan! Here, use this one; I borrowed it from Yang's wife, and it should do the trick!

    3. ignasia


      *bangs Tiael in the head with Yang's Wife's fry pan*


      He's a bit shaky now...and he's down...and he's up again. Nope, still in the dream! Must be real afterall...or should I try for buckshot again?

    4. sounderfan84


      ignasia, slapping him with a fish monty python style might work

  12. I love you all. Hurray for Dragon Quest!

    1. ignasia


      Me too bro, me too. Much love Tiael. I would squeeze each of you till you popped right now. Damnit, where's a girl to just bend over and kiss right now?

  13. Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens IMAX 3D tickets get! 10:30 PM on December 17th. Can't wait.

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    2. ignasia


      I couldn't handle it.

    3. bjaxx87


      Heh, okay, I guess I am just not fan enough to care about stuff like that. ;) I watched the original trilogy as a kid, kinda liked it but never cared to rewatch. So in my current Star Wars marathon I don't even notice any of those changes Lucas made (I read about "Han shot first", though). I didn't think Yoda was out of character. I mean he was a bad ass Jedi master, so his fighting skills should have rocked when he was younger, right? ;) And... I love the lightsaber fights. ;...

    4. bjaxx87


      ...the lightsaber fights. ;) But I get your point, die hard fans of the OT weren't treated very well.

  14. Can't wait for Dragon Quest Heroes! 2 weeks.

    1. mariosmentor


      Really? That soon? (starts crying)

    2. Tiael


      Yep, 2 weeks from tonight I'll be playing it. Hurrah

  15. Still has some hopes for DQVII 3DS..

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    2. ignasia


      *thumbs up* I approve this post.

    3. hawkeye77o4


      There's been a lot of good evidence to show it is coming here.

    4. Hoshino22


      Ooh! Iggy approved! Add Hoshi approved to that as well!


      ...Not that it's anywhere near as impressive, but every little bit counts!

  16. is waiting on DQIX

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