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  1. I really liked it and I actually liked the ending. My only beef really was the lack of Toriyama art, but I did like the style they used. DQ has been a big fixture in my life over 30 years, and even though it might just be games to some they're a large part of who I am today. Really games in general but DQ got me into gaming. The adventures, trials I've had in games shaped my child years and still does. I met the love of my life over 12 years ago in FFXI and we've been living together since July 2009. They're real to me, damnit. #$*! you virus and their creator. But h
  2. I finally moved to the world of a phone that can play this. I'll be there the 25th!
  3. I hope they port the mobile versions of the Zenithia trilogy to Switch next. DQIV with the party chat and the other two with the various updates over the DS remakes, yes please.
  4. I haven't seen it on Amazon or heard anything about the Asian release being there. I've had good luck with Playasia though. I imported FFIII PSP, WoFF Maxima Switch, FFX/X-2 HD Switch and Oninaki Switch from them prior for physical copies. It takes a while to get to me with the cheapest shipping, but I've no complaints.
  5. Cheapest shipping was $7.90 for me, so it brought it to nearly $48. I have paid worse.
  6. I think Playasia is going to start shipping by October 24th, so mine should be here sometime in November!
  7. And for additional funsies, you can see my pre-orders for Persona Q2 Collector's Edition and Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age on Switch, this one is for Platty!
  8. And for additional funsies, you can see my pre-orders for Persona Q2 Collector's Edition and Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age on Switch, this one is for Platty!
  9. Soooo. Bouncing between- World of Final Fantasy Maxima: Made it to Saronia, currently working on fighting/Imprisming all the Coliseum ticket fights I have, then leveling them up in the secret area of the Nether Nebula. Imported the physical Switch release from Playasia as it included the English text/voices option, and I've always preferred physical media. Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix: Finally got a copy of The Story So Far. Cleared Atlantica (first trip) and have to make my way to Neverland now. NieR Automata Game of the YorHa Edition: Fin
  10. Now I'm just waiting on XSEED to release the PS4 versions of Cold Steel/2 here and I'll replay them via NG+ to refresh myself before CS3 this fall.
  11. Could be that was a design decision they made, and feedback led to it being implemented in the Switch version. Also, the Switch version uses a newer version of Unreal Engine 4 as they had to upgrade to it for development. Maybe that has something to do with it.
  12. @Plattym3 When's the pre-order quests happening for DQB2 and DQXIS? XD
  13. Not to mention if there is a DLC/patch down the road for the other versions, I don't see the 2D mode being included. It was previously a 3DS exclusive and now they're adding it to the Switch version and keeping it in the Nintendo family. I don't feel gypped with the PS4 version, I don't feel it's an "incomplete" product because a newer version gets new content. I enjoyed my time with it on PS4 and it was a complete package. Also, the reason the Switch version took so long was because they had to upgrade to a new version of UE4 for development. So this new content is bein
  14. It might only include orchestrated field and battle music, based on what they said? Silly Sugiyama, I knew you wouldn't give it up that easily.
  15. https://gematsu.com/2018/12/ys-ix-monstrum-nox-announced-for-ps4 Hype. Depending on who localizes, PC and Switch ports likely to come. Please not NISA?
  16. Made it to Gondolia. After buying, forging and reworking new equipment, I'm off to the Grotta della Fonte for some water.
  17. Doing the desert stuff with guest Sylvando. Even got that wild side quest done, the stars aligned and those three hit Pep, then I avoided fighting until I got to the enemy I needed.
  18. Mine has been sitting in my local hub 5 minutes away since Friday night. But with the weekend, holiday, and SE making it so my copy couldn't be delivered early or picked up, it's been an excruciating wait.
  19. I dig it. Might even be done with Dragon Quest XI, Tales of Vesperia Remaster HD and Valkyria Chronicles 4. And Cosmic Star Heroine, whenever Sony finishes printing discs and gets them to LRG.
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