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  1. I'm almost done with my final playthrough of FF4 DS, I'm just trying to get a few items that I haven't gotten yet, mainly the Glass Helm and the bomb call spell. At least now the party is powerful enough to work under auto combat for every battle now so I can do hw while I look for the items. Even had Edge steal a crystal ring while on auto combat.
  2. I'm playing Grandia Extreme a bit again but mostly focusing on Final Fantasy 4 DS. I just finished my first playthrough and carried over quite a bit of good equipment to the second playthrough (1 of all the Onion equipment and 2 Adamant armors along with lots of silver and gold apples). My early characters will be nearly invincible (except Cecil who cant equip the stuff)
  3. I finished Metal Saga with about 40 hours on it including side quests. I'm playing Grandia Extreme again and Final Fantasy 4 for the DS now. I'm really impressed with the improvements on the DS version. Wish they would do that with Chrono Trigger.....
  4. I actually put Grandia Extreme on hold and got addicted to another game, Metal Saga which is a post apocalyptic RPG based around customizing your own tanks. I own 15 tanks now and they are all based around some of the famous tanks in history like the Abrams, Tiger and Merkava. Its very non-linear and I should beat it in a day or two.
  5. So Slime Master, you have about what 70 hours to go You'll certainly get your money's worth with that game.
  6. Its a solid game. I have always really enjoyed the Grandia battle system and I also like some of the extras they have under the mana egg and skill system. They could have done a better job with the story and character development, but I guess one doesn't see as much story in something that is essentially a dungeon crawler.
  7. Right now I am about 20 hours into Grandia Extreme and I've also been playing Legend of Legaia 2 and I have about 5 hours on that game so far.
  8. I'm playing Grandia Extreme Right now, about 5 hours in and I'm almost done with the Volcano.
  9. I finished Tales of Legendia although I find out now that there is a huge section of game that can be played after beating the final boss. I'll probably play that out and pick out another game to play before FF4 comes out. I ordered Grandia Extreme for cheap online and I am leaning to playing that next.
  10. I'm playing Tales of Legendia, about 15 hours in. Its definitely the weakest of the series but it can still be fun. Its certainly no Tales of the Abyss though.
  11. I beat Suikoden Tactics and Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. If there are any other Suikoden fans here, did you think the story of tactics was more fitting for a Suikoden game than Suikoden 4 actually was? Suikoden 4 seemed so small and too only deal with a small part of the world and then comes Tactics and it deals with a much larger picture. I also thought Suikoden tactics was cool because it really connected the Suikoden world together, now I know exactly where each Suikoden takes place geographical wise compared to each other. I think Suikoden 1 actually referred to the lands of Suikoden 4 an
  12. Hmmm, all these X360 RPGs sound great, what in the world is going on with the Playstation 3? I thought that would be the new RPG system and now they all seem to be split between all 3 consoles. At least I have my little RPG system, the DS. Well right now I am playing Suikoden Tactics, about 25 hours and maybe 3/4 of the way through. I'm also close to finishing Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. I'm on the level 7 dungeon. Finally I'm playing a little bit of Tales of Legendia too, about 6-7 hours in.
  13. I would pick up the Dungeon Siege Legends of Aranna version and make sure it says that the expansion includes the full version of Dungeon Siege too. I got it for really cheap from Ebay. I'll probably get Morrowind some day when that Ultima is closer to completion.
  14. I think anyone that loves the Ultima series would love this remake. I've played a little bit, but I have to be in one of those PC moods before I really get into it. Ultima 5 is completely done and apparently in several languages http://www.u5lazarus.com/ The Ultima 6 remake is also pretty far along http://u6project.com/ I think there are several Ultima 9 remakes, I think this one is the furthest along http://www.cfkasper.de/ultima/
  15. Hey Red Dragon, did you ever check out the Ultima 5 Lazarus or Ultima 6 Project fan projects? Ultima 5 was finished a year ago and Ultima 6 has a demo that allows players to explore about half the world. They follow the original stories really closely but they have the nice updated graphics.
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