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  1. Sorry to be a bother, but what would they be called? I see a few things on eBay like this: is that what I'm describing for DQV? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dragon-Quest-V-soundtrack-with-Box-Symphonic-OST-CD-Japanese-Original/253290063017
  2. Hey gang, my google/bing skills are letting me down here. I want to buy CD's of Dragon Quest V and Dragon Quest III soundtracks. Original sound preferred. Do those exist? I can find symphonic suites that seem based on PS2 or other remakes. Are those my only choice for a CD? I should add that SFC versions are fine. Like DQIII doesn't have to be NES version. I like the SFC soundtracks.
  3. I know I'm late to this birthday party, but seeing as this is the GREATEST DQ game ever made still to this day..... happy belated bday DQIII
  4. Why block IP's anyway? To prevent even MORE sales????
  5. that cover art actually looks pretty terrible imho. is it just me or does the guy in the back's face/neck, and the girl on the right's body, just look... awkward. like a 14 yr old drew it and his friends think it's awesome but you can tell where perspective or shapes are off.
  6. Oh wow. That animation/cutscene of XI at the end is stunning.
  7. Didn't even know this thread was here! but I'm bumping it. Mine is still sealed too. Have moved twice, but it's still safe in my drawer. glad i found this thread (thanks plattym3) so I can prove to my wife that I really do have to keep it sealed!
  8. oh wow! didn't realize that thread was there. Thanks for sharing. now my wife will believe me that I have to keep it sealed! hahaha
  9. For those of us who remember SlimeKnights (fan page/forum run by Square Enix with contests etc.) Do you remember when it shut down and King Slime sent everyone one final bonus and said to keep it sealed in the envelope? It was like a cryptic message as if it would be important some day. Well I recently moved and rediscovered my sealed SlimeKnights envelope that looks like it has a collector's DQ card inside. Does anyone know what happened to King Slime and if anything will ever come of that? It would be cool if Square Enix got involved like that again.
  10. Was just coming to post this! So glad the site came up today because my prime ends in less than a week and I'm not renewing! Get my DQ7 discount first!
  11. You can still pre-order on other sites like Gamestop. Though I'd rather do it on Amazon because I actually paid for prime this year and that saves like 20% on pre-orders i think.
  12. What's REALLY trippy is when I put Dragon Warrior 3 in my NES and it DOESN'T have this overture. I can't think of DQ without it even though it hasn't always been there.
  13. WHOAAOAOAOAOAOAOOAO!!!!!!!!! Confirmed on Nintendo Direct! Can't Believe it! WHOOOOOO
  14. yeah, it doesn't say it anywhere in the game but it is brutally slow without it. I only knew because of the polygon review mentioning it. there are still parts where it removes the ability to make sure your pacing fits the scene though. overall it didn't bug me.
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