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  1. I don't know how well it did. I guess with the PC port the numbers were boosted. I haven't heard sales figures, but you know SE - if it's not 500k+, it's an epic failure, and if it's less than a million, it's 'disappointing.' Remember the Tomb Raider debacle? They called it a failure with something like 4 million sales!! Granted that's a totally different story, but it does illustrate their skewed view of sales success. A far cry from somebody like XSeed, who an take on a localization 10x bigger and be tickled with 50k.
  2. I tend to horde seeds, and when I do use them, I save scum. A good 2-3 point bump is basially like leveling in that stat, so they're worth using. I'm just a hoarder.
  3. I like playing DQ on the 3DS well enough, but I want all of my DQ in one place. The best version of 8 will probably be 3DS, but the DS version of 4 is totally hamstrung without party chat, making mobile the indesuptably superior version of that game. So between a weaker 8 (mobile) and a weaker 4 (DS), I'll take the weaker 8. But maybe someday we'll see the 3DS version of 8 go mobile.
  4. I'm loving DQ7 on 3DS, but how long do you think before they use the Japanese coded mobile DQ7 and put the English text in it and put it up for ios and android? I'm thinking Q1 2017. Thoughts?
  5. Oh, VII is *definitely* more of a successor to VI than IX. I was referring to it feeling like a successor to IX for people who are casual fans that have only gotten into IX. And you like V, VI, VII, VIII more than IX... but not IV? No love for Alena, Endor, Torneko, Psaro, the Colossus, the hot air balloon, the hottest twin sisters ever to grace a JRPG...? (Look at my avater if you don't believe me) I know you just forgot to say IV! Of course, I'm absolutely NOT a huge fan of IX at all, so there's that.
  6. I kind of see Dragon Quest VII as a 'sequel' to Dragon Quest IX for all the people who were introduced to the series in DQ9. It takes the same 3rd person view, visible enemies, class system, etc that people all over were touting as the saviors of the 'archaic' franchise... and proceeds to blow Dragon Quest IX out of the water in every conceivable way. From length, to story, to characterization, to depth, Dragon Quest VII could be seen as a logical 'Dragon Quest II' to play next for people weened on Dragon Quest IX as their 'Dragon Quest I.' I think anybody who loved DQ9 would be well served picking up Dragon Quest VII. I've always said that Dragon Quest VII was a 'codex' of all things Dragon Quest up to that point. Classes, mini medals, style contest, monster collecting, gambling, equipment lists, party chat... it pretty much has the most evolved version of every system in the franchise up to the introduction of skill points. Thoughts?
  7. I will weep with happiness at this. I kinda expect the game to do very well, in all seriousness. I had a dream last night (not even joking here) that it sold well enough, along with Builders and VIII, that SE announced that DQXI would be localized.I honestly don't have a lot of anxiety about DQ11 being localized - I think it's a highly safe bet, especially with other, less-known DQ games like DQH and DQB on PS4 getting localized. I *am* a little nervous that we might not get Dragon Quest Heroes 2, however... hopefully just old-fashioned paranoia, but spinoffs are always a crapshoot. Still, PS4 has been kind to DQ spinoffs so far, so who can say?
  8. Donald Sutherland has been in lots of good flicks. Space Cowboys, Italian Job (2000s version), The Dirty Dozen, Outbreak... anyway, I thought the little reference was funny. But yeah, I'm also an 80s kid and Kiefer will always be remembered for Young Guns, Lost Boys, and Three Musketeers to me. But I did love 24 too. How far are you all in the remake?
  9. Keifer Sutherland (actor; best known as Jack Bauer om 24) is the son of Donald Sutherland (a very accomplished actor; probably moreso than his son outside of 24's huge success).
  10. Anybody else catch that? Brought a big old smile to my face How's everybody liking the fruits of our hard-won, 3-year wait?
  11. No question, Zenithia is subjectively and objectively better. DQ1 and DQ2 are fun but VERY simple. The only game in the first trilogy that can be compared to the Zenithia trilogy is DQ3, which is a great game but still very primitive in comparison to any Zenithia game, PARTICULARLY narratively speaking.
  12. Have you done that before? What would you estimate the cost to be?Yes, but it's been awhile and it was only in black and white. I would suspect a 400-page full-color monster could easily cost $50. It's the quality color print that's expensive, not the binding.
  13. If it's a full-sized guide, just in digital form, I'd be disappointed, but I'd also promptly bring it down to Kinko's and get it printed in color on high-quality paper and spiral bound. If it's some piddly little quick reference guide, yes, kick in the teeth.
  14. "We don't have news about a guide for that yet, but we're always adding new titles to our schedule. Keep checking primagames.com for the most up-to-date information about upcoming guides." That's a tooth-hair away from a confirmation in my mind. I just got that response from Prima/Brady 5 minutes ago. Thoughts?
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