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  1. Thus stated, fear tactics won't do much.

  2. I beat Okage: Shadow King in 23 hours. The final boss is MEGA WILD COW and then this girl says "You're breaking hearts left and right!"
  3. Ohhai

    Haha, you disappeared again.

  4. Ohhai I'm a Pedobear, I noticed you were 14 years old

  5. Oh my goodness, it's a PEEDO BEER

  6. I tried to beat "Generic" an RPG Maker 2003 game, but it crashes when the game tries to start a battle with a battle background that does not exist.
  7. I just beat Rayman a few minutes ago. Cool game and ending.
  8. Just beat Mr. Skops in Raymeen PS1. Now I have to get around to collecting all the cages.


  10. Oh lawl, Champions of Norrath. I played the online mode of the Return to Arms sequel, and I happened to pick up a hacked weapon while playing with somebody that does like 3,642,157 damage in a single hit and you can attack with it about 10 times in a second. I sold it for 9,999,999,999 gold, or whatever the maximum is, I forgot.
  11. Played a little bit of Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure lately. I got to the Tower of Ninetail to collect the Thunder Stone, but the game REALLY likes to use cut-and-paste environments, so the rooms look EXACTLY THE SAME AS EACH OTHER. I gave up, might go back to it later. I'm saved at Floor 20 of Ghost Ship: Extreme on Rogue Galaxy, just killed the Necromantis. NECROMANTIS It's like the tarantulas mentioned earlier, but it only takes two hits from it to kill you at Level 62 for everybody, and it has an insane movement speed and attack speed. I had to keep running back as Jupis and use the CD box and Yo-Yo Shock Lv. 3 over 9000 times to win.
  12. Duck hunt Duck hunt Duck hunt Duck hunt.

  13. Could I get the Holiscador as my avatar? And if possible, make the gray background transparent? Thanks in advance.
  14. You still alive out there?

  15. I am a genius. I decided to make a new file on my game to run through and maybe fix some bugs, and while I was doing that, I beat Spiny, the first boss. On a whim, I saved after that fight. The thing is, the cursor was over my other file with all Level 30 characters. Since RPG Maker does not have a confirmation on saving, I saved a file with Skitter and Chalky both Level 6 over it. So far, I found a few bugs ((Giant Enemy Crab had a game-crashing error with the battle background, and changed some sounds that didn't fit the occasion.)) and I found that the difficulty was actually a little easier than I thought it was. Right now, Skitter is Level 12, and Chalky and Spike are both Level 13.
  16. I have a feature similar to your "special menu" in my game, you need two variables to store the hero's X and Y coordinates in, and another one for the Map ID. That way, you can return to exactly where you were when you go to the menu. You will also need to turn the regular menu to off, so it can't be opened on that screen. You'll need to make either an item to do this or code the menu for a certain button., and code it this way: Variable Ch: (Map ID Variable), Set, Hero Map ID Variable Ch: (X Position Variable), Set, Hero X pos Variable Ch: (Y Position Variable), Set, Hero Y pos Teleport: (Special Menu Map) In my mind, a "special menu" is actually a different map with the hero's appearance turned into a cursor. You have to make a map or object spritemap and use it in the room. You also need "Push Key, Below Hero" events that will take you to the 'options,' that are actually other rooms. Pressing Z/Enter/Spacebar on these events will take you to the options' screens. Once you make an option to leave the special menu, you'll need an event like this: <> Goto Memorized Plac: (The three variables will go here)
  17. Don't highlight it if you aren't at the second desert out of town at Rosa.
  18. Actually, on second thought, I know how to do that also.
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