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  1. Skitter come back we miss you!!!!!!!!

  2. Get back on ye slimy varmint.

  3. "You know Skitter loves you. Or he wouldn't share this with you." XD nice.

  4. Thus stated, fear tactics won't do much.

  5. Skitter T. Scorpion doesn't afraid of anything.

  6. I beat Okage: Shadow King in 23 hours. The final boss is MEGA WILD COW and then this girl says "You're breaking hearts left and right!"
  7. Ohhai

    Haha, you disappeared again.

  8. Ohhai I'm a Pedobear, I noticed you were 14 years old

  9. Oh my goodness, it's a PEEDO BEER

  10. I tried to beat "Generic" an RPG Maker 2003 game, but it crashes when the game tries to start a battle with a battle background that does not exist.
  11. I just beat Rayman a few minutes ago. Cool game and ending.
  12. Just beat Mr. Skops in Raymeen PS1. Now I have to get around to collecting all the cages.
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