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  1. Skitter come back we miss you!!!!!!!!

  2. Get back on ye slimy varmint.

  3. "You know Skitter loves you. Or he wouldn't share this with you." XD nice.

  4. Granted. As I am a literal genie, your mind explodes, creating pretty red and darkish-pink fireworks for spectators. But don't worry, everybody in a six-meter radius around you was also blown up. I wish I had two stingers instead of one on my tail that could function as scissors.
  5. Granted. Everybody except you die obscure deaths, so there is no need for global economy, thus remedying the entire thing in the first place. EDIT: Before I forget again... I wish I had a mosquito needle for a nose.
  6. Granted. However, the side effect is that you blow in, and disappear. I wish I knew how to do the Bokudance as well as the Desudance.
  7. WESLEY !!! and the wrestling class.
  8. Thus stated, fear tactics won't do much.

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