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  1. I DID play the NES version... (*shudder*) ...Malroth still gives me nightmares! (well... not really) Anyhow, I loved every minute of that torture. Great game, even though it's probably the hardest RPG I've played yet. I have not played 7 or 8 yet, but I'm gonna start my copy of 7 pretty soon, when I get around to it. 8, I haven't even found yet. Of the first six that I did play, here's my lineup: 1) III 2) IV 3) V it's amazing how such simple games can be so great.
  2. My favorite was DW III. When I first played it, all I could think was what a huge improvement it was from the first two. I had a lot of fun creating, then classing and re-classing my characters. The world was the biggest I'd seen, there were secrets everywhere, and some places were completely different at night. It took a long time to get through it (as in, just this year), and it's one of my favorite games. My second favorite was DW II. One of the hardest games I've played, but I have such good memories of getting obliterated by a pack of slimy hands, and getting Explodet-ed to death for
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