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  1. too bad that will never happen...... (i wish it would tho) I wish some good games would come out for the wii
  2. you get it but its huge and crushes you i wish i could go golfing soon
  3. instead it now shows movies that are already out on dvd i wish my teacher didnt put my by the same annoying guy every month in our seating arrangements
  4. Instead you get over your unwillingness to punch him and just do it i wish that my brother would try to get a better job
  5. granted.....but they trample you i wish i wasn't ALWAYS sick (mines worse than yours i am lucky to have a week every 2 months where i don't miss a day of school. im sick ALL THE TIME)
  6. But i know wich one he is talking about,soooooooo Sqeenix completely wipes out DQ from the world because of and upcoming uprising of DQ fans that want slimeknights back i wish i had a better immune system instead of this crappy one that keeps letting me get sick WITH THE SAME CRAP
  7. granted but then there is no one to fix up the site and a huge virus comes and kills us all with seizure inducing flashing screens
  8. do i even need to corrupt that? I THINK I DO, your thread gets deleted and u get kicked off the DD i wish the world ha no idiots in it
  9. Granted but it has striffens leprechaun in it and we all know that leprechauns are poisonous when cooked so.......... u croak, then die I wish i had a good game to play on my laptop when i get it other than TQ:IT
  10. granted..... but then they make the new i phone called "the hummer of phones" that runs on gas and can play every game ever made on it.......its still a phone i wish that my turtle would come back alive and healthy and not beat up (and no it cannot have murderous intent) he ran away u know
  11. Even if it did your life would still suck (just ruining your dream here.....) I wish I was not sick in any way shape or form
  12. Granted...but im really bad at spells so it backfires and only hits me so i don't have to wish but i will anyway I wish i was rank grandpa slime here
  13. Granted..... but the wish goes haywire and you have complete and total amnesia and forget how to breath and suffocate I wish i was put in the game titan quest as my character Hazikin at level 58
  14. Granted......but its all counterfeit and covered in liquid that gives off gas and is highly combustible......but you don't know and try to light a fire in your house (you have to have some reason to light a match) and it explodes killing you I wish i had one speck of creativity in my soul
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