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  1. Thanx! So can I still play it outside of Japan? Because I heard that it bans IP addresses outside of Japan. Is that true?
  2. Yesterday I created a Japanese PSN account (even though I live in Europe). And I saw that there is a playable demo of DQX on Japanese PSN. And as you guess, I started to downloading it. Did anyone tried it? Does it have the offline like in the Wii version or only online mode? Do we allowed to play it outside of Japan? https://store.playstation.com/ja-jp/product/JP0082-CUSA03590_00-DQXTRIAL00000000
  3. Sorry for being a necromancer but can we do the same thing for the 2nd game please?
  4. DEFINETELY! THIS IS IT MAN! YOU CATCHED IT REALLY GOOD, GREAT WORK! By the way, can't we create at least our own track list like we did it on for the first game? Here: With it, we can create our custom soundtrack, which is better than nothing
  5. Most of them are recycled music from old games but I think there are some new compositions too. For example, don't you think that the music that plays at the monster ship in the beginning of the game is a new a composition?
  6. Hello folks, There are no DQ2 builders soundtrack on internet, not even a game rip or a tracklist. I find it really strange. You can find soundtracks of the first Builders, both Heroes games but nothing on Builders 2. Why? Do you have any idea? Anybody got something?
  7. It's been 8 years since I created this topic and it seems like not much has changed sadly. There are still lots of DQ side games with has no fan translation patches... Anyway, I will check and refresh the list though.
  8. Hello, I bought an original copy of DQX (Wii) from Japan. I just want to play offline campaing and I want to ask a couple questions please: 1) You said that the USB will be formatted in a way that game needs. But when I'm done playing the game, will I be able to use in normal way again? 2) Can I play the game just from the CD? Or installation is a must? 3) Do I need an internet connection even for playing offline campaign? 4) I have an European PAL Wii console with homebrew. Do I lost any content on my Wii if I use any region changer? I will be very happy If I got
  9. I found this tape on a retro shop called Beep in Akihabara. It was in the junk bin surprisingly and I picked it up for my Dragon Quest collection as soon as I saw it. Now it became a rarity part for my DQ collection. I also have an old VHS player but I have to get it fixed first to watch it. I think it contains a walkthru type gameplay video but I'm not sure. I just wanted to share it with you guys.
  10. Even though I beat it twice, I still don't like DQ2 (except for it's awesome soundtrack)
  11. No, we use our own currency as Turkish Liras. By the way Turkish Lira lost so much in value since my last post. Now 1$ = 6,5 Turkish Liras, so from now on it nearly impossible for me to buy cheap games from Ebay
  12. Hmm, usually it's takes around 60-70 dollars in here. But the thing is, 1$ = 5,6 Turkish liras now and because of that we have to pay a huge amount of money for them. There is a huge economical crisis in Turkey right now due to our idiotic president and our money is losing value every single moment. Because of that I can not nearly buy anything from eBay anymore. 3 years ago 1$ was around 2,8 liras. Our money was still worthless but was still much better than this.
  13. BIG UPDATE! PS3 version of Dragon Quest Builders has a 100% English translation patch. That's how I played it on my PS3. They did it by using the Vita version's language files: https://froidromhacks.wordpress.com/2018/02/15/dragon-quest-builders-bljm61311-v0-9-english-patch-ps3/ Do you have any updates by the way?
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