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  1. Nakano Broadway is one of the best places to find older toys in Japan. Or Denden town in Osaka. I used to spend most of a day in both places powershopping. For everyone else, both places have a ton of used toy stores all in a small-ish area.
  2. These are also older pictures, but here's a lot of my key chains, figures, and toys. These were prizes from Japanese Game Centers. Also game center prizes. Some of my bottle cap figures. Some of the really cool monster figures. These sets of figures are some of my favorite Dragon Quest toys. A ton of toys, Dragon Quest and otherwise. Some of the Metallic Monsters collection and some vintage pins. In this extremely busy picture, you can see the character figures. Lastly, I have a few Dragon Quest items on auction in my signature.
  3. I love the metallic monsters and have quite a few of them. A list? I'm going to do this off the top of my head for the moment and I'll try to come back to it soon. If I'm late, just message me. My names aren't exact because I've played the games from the earliest translation to the newest and I search for this often in Japanese so I have trouble remembering what names are used where. Slime Metal Slime Bubble slime liquid metal slime king slime metal king slime stone man gold man slime knight metal rider chimera Gold slime gold king slime gold liquid metal slime (these 3 are 25th anniversary variants.) Golden slime Platinum slime Slime stack metal slime stack The newest ones have some color variants that are exclusive to the official square enix shop. http://store.jp.square-enix.com/series/263/all Heal slime Curer variant Axe knight with variant armor knight Rose knight variant Golem mimic cannibox variant blue platinum king Death Pisaro variant Slime besu Snail slime marine slime variant Killer Machine variant green king slime is exclusive if you buy a copy of Dragon quest X. I think this is complete and very very expensive to find all of them.
  4. I haven't been here in years, but after I found this thread from a google search, I feel I needed to come back. At least for a bit to share some of my Dragon Quest goodies. I started my collection when I was an exchange student in Nagasaki in 2002. I saw some slimes in a game center machine and remembered the NES games and how much I loved the games. I was able to win a few and things snowballed from there. I came back with over a 100 plushes that I'd won. And after that I graduated and moved back to Japan for 2 more years, so I had a lot of time and money to dedicate to amassing my collection. With that said, here's some of my collection. Most of these pictures are kinda old. I haven't been systematic about the new stuff. Edit: Holy crap! That was a lot of pictures, so I'll just limit to the plushes for now. Me with one of the game center games. Most of the plushes. Non-slimes and big baddies. Plush picture frames and a backpack. A bunch of mini slimes. The car suction cup plushes. There are two series in this shot. The flat looking ones are cushions. More non-slimes. The slime pyramid set. A jewel bag that even had plush jewels. More cushions. Just before I won a mage slime. Probably my favorite Dragon Quest item. This is a poster advertising the prize set of plushes for my favorite set. I got by asking at an arcade in Tokyo and they gave it to me off the wall.
  5. In lieu of necroposting my selling thread from 6 years ago (Sorry to have dropped the ball on that, but my marriage failed and selling some toys didn't really matter), I have a bunch of Dragon Quest stuff I was going to put on ebay or otherwise sell soon. Extra figures, from the character figure collections, some crystal monsters, maybe some other stuff.
  6. When I was in Japan two weeks ago, I just bought the whole series at once. Then I found out that there are special figures of the Hero and Alena. If anyone has extras of Alena with the Iron Claw or the Hero with the special shield, I'd be willing to trade some figures for them. I have a lot of Crystal figures, and much more. I'll make a list and then post that.
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