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  1. If they fix the World Leaf bug in DW2 for SNES I'll gladly play it. That's the only thing that keeps me from playing the snes version of 2 is the crash in the inn whent he Prince gets ill. I personally like my old DW spell names . That's why I chose the Dragon Warrior Flavor of the DQ5 translation lol.
  2. Japanses players use encoutner manipulation. Also for grinding not sure if its the same in the SNES version, but in the GBA version you can manipulate the Green Dragon for experience. As as long as you don't save the Pricness you can get experience from him (he respawns). (probably easier than Metal Slime hunting for comparable experience). On the NES version I would say you can most likely take advantage of the armor knight that protects Erdricks Armor. I haven't actually sat down and made a route. I'll see what I can dig up on Nico-Nico. (I honestly know very little Japanese, b
  3. I'm just barely older than the original Dragon Quest, I'm a few years older than the American Dragon Warrior.
  4. Chapter 1: I usually picked the well at first (especially int he DS remake since moles seemed to drop strength seeds like candy). But yea defintiely the tower's healing room was a good grind spot. Chapter 2: As you mentioned Metal Slimes. Pretty sure there's no limit on Metal Slimes. I think I got to around level 20 on them once. Chapter 3: Really I don't grind much otuside of the early armor gridning. Typically I make sure to get a Sword of Malice in Taloon's original shop, then just horde them when I finally own my shop. The wife seems to sell them for quite a bti amkign the 60K need
  5. The Japanese players actually typically play these in a marathon setting of doing 1-2-3 Back to back to back. I use to know a site that was around the Japanese speed running coimmunity, but DQ games have been spedrun. I think on the SFC version for DQ1 one of the times. Looks like 1:19:56 is the current fastest compeltion. Here's a Japanese site that has their fastest completions for a variety of games. http://www40.atwiki.jp/niconamarta Not sure how up to date it is. But it should give you some benchmarks. Also Nico-nico video might be a good palce to check for DQ speedruns.
  6. Max Shields on everyone, have one character hold onto the shield scroll which allows them to negate critical hits. Since you're making a Paladin I would suggest giving him the shield scroll and have him cover the party with forbearance. If you're also going for the Sage's mastery skill then hit hard until you chip away at his HP (I think about 3500-3600 to be on the safe side) then channel anger with your sage and have your main character egg on your sage. Have your sage use Zam until dead. Which will complete the level 40 quest for the sage class. Just general attacks that help with deali
  7. Opoona which is a very decent Wii RPG.
  8. Well currently I am playing a lot of Wii games. Mostly DQ: Swords and Fire Emblem, but also De Blob and Super Mario Galaxy. And for quick kicks I bust out GHIII. On the DS I'm playing Final Fantasy IV. Then on the PC lately I've been playing Colonization. Out of the games I've been playing I'm most disappointed with colonization, it's almost nothing like the original. Just my distractions from reading and writing essays lol.
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