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  1. but remmber ppl can still call me the imp here i dont like th name cahnges
  2. tnank u guys but i think its magneta not purple the hero in that zoma pic is tana is that a refernce tp tana nile from rigel?
  3. hi guys i dun remembr if i hav one introt opic so here itis i am the imp and i lov dq i ve been here for years but rarly post i mostly jus tread. this is a cool place and i like it
  4. good job guys thes are very god i like draw contents mor than text contest
  5. i like playasia i hope u can get plushies for ur childs i only hav celphon cleanr i hav jokr2 shirt but damaged with chlore these were free promos too i hav no money for plushis
  6. he no destroy god an god gave up his pawer evn so boss had hard time agnst god it was no easy fite
  7. i am bak but i sad no more dq games i wan games or no region cods so i cn play japan
  8. i admir them must be tuff but i wish them did no hav to all the time ppl shuld treat them wit respect thos guys are empty insid and justry to abuse other u shuld be prowd ppl do see ur talent evn if they no want to pay more sadly
  9. boss orgodmila and god were tired boss surly used tricks god let go of his pawer so he was no fuly pawerd boss used advange god was seald and boss all spent and heros beat boss but boss smarter and found way to com bak no spoil but he is good tricks i wan learn priestesess of ramia bidr
  10. i like that childs play dq and congrats to all parnts u hav wunderful childs
  11. good 4 u he will get 2ds he no said portatible i wan play persona 4 sa golden
  12. i like aira cosply even if aira attaks imp well don
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